the best way to get links from other blogs

Getting a lot of links to your site is the most important thing. Let me repeat that. Getting a lot of links that point to you blog is the most important thing you can do to grow your blog. Google and other search engines rank your website according to the type of links that you receive. If you get a lot of keyword specific links, you will get a lot of search engine traffic. The more search traffic you get, the more money you will make with you blog. Making money online with you blog boils down to getting links. Building up links can get hard for a noobie. If you are new to the blogging game, you will find that it is extremely difficult. It is difficult because you have nothing to offer to other bloggers. But, as your blog grows, getting links becomes a lot easier.

In the beginning, all you can do is just beg for links. Hit up the web forums and ask for link trades with other noobies. If you are aggressive and work hard, you should be able to get a few links this way. You can also leave comments on do follow blogs. This will get you some free links to your site. You must remember that quality of these types of freebie links are not so great.

The links that matter are in post links from authority sites. Getting a link from CNN or Yahoo is gold. But, these types of links won’t come to you in the beginning. Instead, you should focus on building up relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Hit up your favorite bloggers in your niche. Do some research first though. Check to see if those blogs are authority blogs. Do some searches for the keywords that you are working on. Go down that list and start emailing those bloggers. Leave useful comments on those blogs.

The best way to get links from other blogs is by linking to them first. Do not just link to them with the name of their blog. Link to them with keyworded anchoring text. If you do this, you should start seeing some links your way. You have to keep in mind that this will not guarantee any back links. You should not expect links either. Popular bloggers are busy people. And by no means does a link from your shitty ass blog justify a link back to you blog.

If your blog is really new, you should focus your energy on other newbie blogs. Visit your favorite blogs and check to see who is leaving comments. Go to those blogs and network with those bloggers. These are the blogs that you have the greatest chance of getting links from. Noob out!

5 thoughts on “the best way to get links from other blogs

  1. Trent Brownrigg

    Very good advice. I have been using this strategy since I started my online business almost 6 years ago and it has worked very well.

    My top focus is always search engine rankings and getting quality keyword anchored inbound links is the best way to achieve this.

  2. lordcajen

    excellent advice! this is exactly what i’ve been trying to do. im getting a couple of links here and there. definitely worth investing time on.

  3. girl

    I wanted to let you know how much my partner and i appreciate everything you’ve contributed to help improve the lives of individuals in this subject material. Through the articles, I have gone via just an amateur to a pro in the area. It’s truly a homage to your endeavours. Thanks

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