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keira knightley makes money onlineAmerica started the internet. America also houses the internet giants like Google, Yahoo, and Amazon. Silicon Valley is the internet capital of the world. But when it comes to every day folks making money online, i think the mother land has us beat. Resources for web design and web development mostly come from the UK. I have searched far and wide for magazines related to web design and web development and the only ones i find are published in the UK. This sucks for me because i have to pay $15.99 per issue.

I am a small business man. Right now, times are hard for independent business owners. We can’t compete with the prices of our products, so we get forced out of the market by big corporations. I have a friend who owns a couple nail salons. Business was booming until a heavily funded spa opened up a couple of blocks from her shop. She now has to either get another loan to compete with the big spa, or she has to fold. Unfortunately, i think she is going to cash out now while she still can.

The internet is great because small sites can compete with corporate giants. The overhead is so low that you can maintain a small business online without digging yourself into a financial hole. As long as you can cover the cost of hosting, you can continue with your online business operations. Rent is cheap online. Even dedicated servers cost less then $200 a month. If your site grows, just add your hosting bandwidth. Imagine that, a business that runs on 200 dollars a month.

Even my smallest offline business requires $4,000/month in expenses. Most of you guys are just small time bloggers. But if you have some business sense and want to invest more of your resources on web businesses, you really should. I’m constantly reading about successful 1, 2, 3 man companies. (most of them are based in the UK) Why not take a piece of this pie. I can’t give you the ideas. Business doesn’t work that way. Learn about the sites that are out there. Build on the concepts of those sites and i’m sure that money can be made.

I read a lot of web design related magazines. (All of them are published in the UK) While reading these magazines, i get inspired. I see a lot of creative people making money online. I think about setting up more sites. How awesome would it be to have a collection of money making online businesses. In the offline world, it would be difficult to captain your own design company. But on the internet, you could be the ceo of a design company and a marketing company. You could even start your own web hosting company too. The bottom line is that business makes more sense online. In the near future, a lot of people will try to make money online. If you’re reading this blog, you’re already ahead of the curve. Trust me, more will enter this game. Might become harder cause that creates more competition. But be positive, you will have more experience then those noobs.

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  1. Recruitment Nick

    Wow, good ot hear us Brits are good at something!

    To be honest though that suprises me. When you here about the various applications and sites being sold for millions or billions it is always american based.

    Most of the make money online blogs whereby the owner is actually making serious cash are american based (couple of aussies sprinkled in for good measure).

    Web design is huge over here though. I live in a small fishing village of about 2,000 people (perhaps) and in my social circle there 2 are professional web desgners and another half a dozen have the skills required to hard code a site if they needed.

    Not sure why that is, but as a person setting up a small offline business it is good to know I can easily reach people with the skills to give me as much of an online presence as I want. Pretty cheap too.

    Recruitment Nick

  2. Puneet

    i liked that statement and agree too with “The internet is great because small sites can compete with corporate giants.”

    and as u said its a business that runs on 200 dollars a month .. then its worth it and better then our offline business too.

  3. the noob Post author

    nick- i think a lot of monster sites are housed in the states. But, i think a lot of small times online businessmen are in UK. I know that a lot of the best web designers are from the UK.

    quickroute- not sure if it is. I actually ran a small real estate trade magazine about 4 years ago. Not very profitable.

    puneet- yup yup.

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