The Correct way to comment on someone’s post

I’ve learn that commenting on other peoples blogs can help build relationships and deliver unique visitors along the way. I started to comment about a week ago and already i’ve received around 15-20 uniques everyday from the comments i left. After reading someone’s post its fun to read what others have to say about the article. You see alot of small phrases like “great article” or “i’ll try that” or “good post.” These useless comments won’t do much if you are looking to network ot advertise your website. If you are poster of these half-ass-lazy comments, you should know that the site owner and readers think of you as spam. I see this all the time. People make the effort to post a comment but its so sad to see such a boring, unoriginal comment. You could write that without even reading the article. You know it, i know it, and the site owner and blog readers know it.

What type of comment should you post then? First off you should read the article. If you didn’t read the article then don’t even bother to post a comment. If you’re a blogger and you don’t like to read other people’s blog, then you should probably do a different type of website.

You should also read a few of the comments. Don’t want to write the same thing as tommy from whateverblog.

Gotta say something useful or funny. Only way someone will click to your site is if they think you have something of value to say. Would u click to a blog from a comment of “nice blog” i didn’t think so.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on this blog the past couple weeks and its becoming very addictive. I feel like a baby christian or something…like i want to keep going to church….i keep wanting to check my blog or write another post or read up for ideas for my blog. I constantly check my stats on awstat and google analytics. Im on DP and sitepoint every night. Its fun right now but if i had to put this much work into this blog a year from now…i don’t think i would continue. But i figure that i will grow this blog and a year from now i will have my own personal blog that i can write once every couple of days and it will make me about a thousand in spending money a month. I think its a realistic goal and i love a challenge.

5 thoughts on “The Correct way to comment on someone’s post

  1. Debo Hobo

    Sometimes I’ll leave the “half-ass-lazy comments” as you put it because the post was maybe not really that good, but I don’t want to discourage anyone from continuing to blog by not leaving a comment.

    But nice post though;)

  2. the noob Post author

    thanks. my point is that if you’re going to comment you should read the post first.

  3. the noob Post author

    haha. no harm no blood no foul. besides you’re one of my best contacts. lets grow together.

  4. rhyan

    Well you are right, but it would be nice also to leave a comment that is againts to what he/she post, it is your opinion right?. You can’t deny the fact that critics will always be there.

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