The future is mobile internet

iphonehalleberry.jpgApple’s server crashed when they released the developer kit for the iphone. Do you know what that means? That means that every body is trying to come up with the next best web application for the iphone. The internet will change. More and more people access the internet via their phones. Even before i got my iphone, i was surfing the web with my blackberry. I didn’t like it that much cause it was slow. And not a lot of websites were phone friendly. But now, a lot of the major websites are making mobile versions of their site. This is the wave of the future.

Think about how many people have cell phones. The figure is so much greater then computers. The cost to own and operate smart phones has gone down a great deal in the last year. You can now get a blackberry for free.

How does this affect blogging? Well, you can take advantage of this shift by creating blogs catered to mobile browsers. Create blogs that load faster. Create blogs that talk about mobile media and mobile internet. Try to get in early on these search terms. Hire developers to create an awesome mobile internet widget/mashup/whatever. Read tech related articles that give you the inside scoop. Start buying up domains for new sites and work the SEO for product specific searches.

Blogging about blogging is yesterdays news. Blog about blogging for mobile internet. The options are endless. Create themes that are mobile browser friendly.

Companies make billions when there is a technology shift. Samsung used to be a cheap no name brand. It built grade C electronics. But now, Samsung is considered superior to Sony. Sony! Samsung was able to take advantage of the new technology. The shift from analog to digital was the open window for companies like Samsung. Big companies already have a relationship with the old technology. So when a technology shifts, it’s open season for small companies. The playing field becomes leveled. Don’t you want a piece of the mobile internet pie? As a lowly blogger, you won’t get to taste that pie, but you might be able to pick up some of the crumbs. If Apple and Google makes Billions with mobile internet, you could hang around the table and pick up some of the crumbs that falls off the table. We’re talking about crumbs but it’ll still be large. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollar.

18 thoughts on “The future is mobile internet

  1. Jackie

    Oh I couldn’t do cell phone internet. I have tried it before and I am still trying to get it. I have caught up finally in these last two years with DVD and Texting LOL…but I LOVE having a Lappy top! 😀 I don’t need much. I have a IPod and I keep telling my partner I need to get another portable CD Player and he keeps reminding me of my IPod. LOL!

  2. Funked

    ”Blog about blogging for mobile internet.”

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. you’ve ruined my plan lol. I’m waiting for an Iphone rival to come out until I get going properly on it.

  3. shy guy

    I am a poor and amateur blogging..
    I even can’t buy any latest phone to do web browsing..
    Can’t catch up with you all but I must improve coz technology is growth fast and money also will come to blogger pocket now..

  4. Edi

    I can’t wait to get a phone that I can surf the net on. Anytime we travel I wish I had one. There are so many great things that you can do with your phone when you have the Internet. I’m gonna have to call my phone company now :)

  5. bloggernoob

    jackie- yeah, technology is hard to pick up. u get used to one, and then a few weeks later, something comes out that makes it obsolete.

    funked- doesn’t even have to be a rival to the iphone. it could be any internet accessible phone. there must be hundreds out there. my old freebie motorola can get the internet too. too bad motorola passed on the iphone. idiots!

    shyguy- the prices have dropped recently. like i mentioned above. you can get a blackberry for free with new service activation

    witchypoo- so you’re the one. i actually don’t know anyone who doesn’t ahve a cell phone. true tho, it is a drag paying for another phone bill. i think most people have cell phones instead of land lines. if my offline business didn’t require a landline, i don’t think i would have one in my home. cell works better. and you don’t have to worry about long distance charges.

    edi- it’s pretty cool. when you’re waiting on the subway, or in a cab, it comes in handy. it’s also cool to check online deals when you’re out shopping. when i’m at bestbuy, i always compare prices before i purchase anything. just wish it was faster. hopefully they will get high speed internet on the phone soon.

  6. the noob Post author

    chica- you don’t own a cellphone? wow. i’m surprised. even my 7 year old nephew has a cell phone. i guess if you don’t need it, it’s probably better not to have one. but i think having a cell phone is better then having a landline at home. just my opinion.

  7. Chica

    Nope, It’s not that I am anti about it all, I just simply don’t need one. If I am away from home, then so be it, people can get a hold of me here not when I’m out. LOL

    I wouldn’t give a 7 yr old a cell phone unless it was the kind with just 4 numbers in it. Not sure what that is called.

  8. the noob Post author

    chica- ahh, icic. so if someone wants to contact you…they gotta visit your blog. awesome. genius traffic generating idea. 😉 btw. ur little boy is a spitting image of you. such a cutie. i’m going to give my 7 year old a cellie. i’m also going to bling him up with a 5 lb gold chain that say Noob on. Of course the Noob part will be encrusted with diamonds. he’s going to say “daddy! daddy…this chain is heavy” and i’ll say, “you shouldn’t have gone over in your minutes then huh! think cell phone minutes grow on trees!”

  9. kmcgra

    I do not own a cell phone either….well my wife does…so I guess technically I have one.

    But I agree with you noob, mobile is the wave of the future. I also think that the desktop computer will become a thing of the past. All you need is a thin client with a big keyboard/monitor that your “mobile device” can dock to…when you are done, undock, and take your work data with you…

  10. the noob Post author

    kmcgra- interesting. so you don’t have your own cell phone? You have a blog, but no cell phone? That’s pretty wild. Yeah, everything you see today will have a mobile version. That’s why i think there is great opportunity.

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  13. sc

    you dont say if the .mobi extention will become popular or not. thats what i want to know.

  14. bloggernoob

    sc- the dot mobi extention will not become popular. I don’t believe people will get in the habit of typing in mobi. dot coms will always be the best extention. registering dot mobi is a waste of time and money.

  15. Offgrid Living

    Good Article – I was hopping that blogger will come up with a way to automatically make my blog “iPhone” friendly and then I remembered how the rss feeders already do this – But the problem with RSS is that it also strips away all of the Adsense and other things that earn $$$$. Oh well back to the drawing board.

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