The key to multiple blogging

evangeline lilly has multiple blogs and makes money onlineI’m always talking about setting up multiple blogs. I really do believe that this is a good method for blog monetization. It is something that doesn’t require a lot of skill either. All you need to do is work your butt off. The key to multiple blogging is setting up a lot of junk blogs. Some people call these types of blogs, splogs. (spam blog) But, i beg to differ. These blogs serve a purpose. These blogs also serve as minor blogs to you main blog. In the game of blogging chess, these blogs are your pawns. And every advanced chess player knows how important the pawns are. These blogs are set up to create links and blog farming for PR blogs. You are using these blogs just to help out your main blog in the SERPS. Also, you can make some nice side cash with these junk blogs. And, as long as you set up these blogs right, search engines won’t even notice these sites as splogs. These sites can also be used to launch a real blog that will help you make more money online. Set up a main blog and use it as a cookie cutter to create 5 more blogs similar to that main blog.

First of all, the internet is too vast to police. Why do you think internet piracy is hard to stop? Why are we allowed to do illegal things like downloading music or movies for free? Why do you think youtube is in a billion dollar legal battle with Viacom? The world wide web is just to big to police. That is why a lot of sneaky marketers get away with frauds and scams. I know that most of you do not want to be scammers, but you have to do some shady things if you want to make money online. If you are not bothered by the ethical dilemma, then please continue reading. If you are a holier then thou type, don’t read my blog!

The key is to understand the tricks. Most of the secrets and tricks are based on common sense. The guys that really know how to SEO are the ones that make a lot of money via adsense or affiliate commissions. They will tell you the same thing. It’s all about anchored text links. Of course, not all links are created equal. Site wide sidebar links are treated differently from in post blog links. And home page only links are different as well. I don’t know all the details, but i am smart enough to pick up the patterns with my trial and error.

When i first started making money with this blog, i strongly felt that i could multiply my earning my setting up sites similar to this. If i was making $500/month with one blog, i really felt that i could make $2500 with five blogs. It doesn’t work out as easy as that, but the general idea seems to work out for me in practice. During this year that i have been blogging for money, i was able to set up a lot of blogs that generate income.

You can do this too. You don’t need to be that smart either. If you are able to monetize one blog, you will be able to monetize 3 or four blogs. It makes logical sense doesn’t it? Just think of it like a cookie cutter. Or think of it like a manufacturing process. Once you have the mold, it really doesn’t cost any money or time to create another blog. The hosting is already paid for. You already know what it takes to rank in the search engines. And, you already know the gist of what you want to write about.

As far as making money with your pawn blogs, you just do the same thing you were doing with you main blog. You sell links. Even if you don’t make a lot of money with these blogs, they will help you rank well for your main site. Drive up the ranking of your main site to earning affiliate commissions. Drive up search engine traffic to make adsense dollars on you main blog. Noob out!

14 thoughts on “The key to multiple blogging

  1. Svara

    I agree to this post. I started with one blog but had other things I wanted to add to it or write about so created a few other blogs to add to it and when my mind draws a blank I have fun adding things to my other fun topics!

    Good post!

  2. marly

    I know making money online with blogs is difficult for a newbie like me who doesn’t have any familiarity with SEO and stuff. Honestly I am scared to take the risk. But I want to learn more.

  3. Sire

    I much prefer the name ‘pawn’ blogs as to ‘junk’ blogs. I have multiple blogs and they are a great way to cross promote each other. Some of the blogs I use to earn money through pay per post sites and others I try to find other methods. I don’t consider any of them as ‘junk’ blogs, pawn blog’s, well being an avid chess player I can totally see the analogy there.

  4. zawadi

    I will start making other blogs related to my hosted wordpress blogs soon.
    I am trying to do more social networking and getting people to see my sites and blogs also.

  5. Paul U

    Now, I have 2 blogs but I think that I wouldn’t make anymore blog because of the maintenance.

    I will just create a website that has less maintenance.

  6. mike

    I have 23 blogs. I try to all make them as good as my first blog. I just like blogging. But I have them all linked to each other which helps.

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