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answer.jpgI get emails asking me questions about blogging. The questions i have the answer to, I try to answer right away. But what do I do with the ones I don’t have a clue about? I’ve found that people who ask questions are looking to build relationships. They seek guidance and if I’m able to help them with one thing, they’ll become a loyal reader. When I first started reading blogs, I browsed a lot of different blogs. But after a while, I started visiting the ones that were helpful more often. I memorized the url or I subscribed to their rss. These type of readers are hard to get. It takes time and great content. You have to earn these type of readers. Here’s how I get these type of readers to keep coming back to my make money blog.

I answer emails fast. I try to to explain it well. I take time with emails that are asking me questions cause these people are great leads. If you help them, they’ll for certain become an avid reader of you blog. They’ll probably sign up under you for certain ad programs. They’ll help you make more money with you blog.

If I don’t have the answer to the question, I’m honest with them. My no bullshit approached has been good so far. If I don’t know, I don’t just send them an email stating that I don’t know, I tell them that I don’t know the answer and I give them a few links. I try to at least direct them into finding their answer. I think this also boost credibility and trust. They’ll know that you won’t bullshit and they’ll know that even when you don’t know, you try to help.

I answer comments. I don’t understand the bloggers who don’t do this. I can understand superbloggers cause they are too busy or too many comments to reply to. But small and medium bloggers should respect the commentators and reply the comments. You’re readers took their time to write a comment on your blog, show them some respect and acknowledge their comments. This also makes for a more interactive blog. If you don’t interactive with your readers, why even blog in the first place. Just set up a static webpage instead.

7 thoughts on “The newb answers questions

  1. Chica

    I came from another blogging service before blogspot, and I earned my readers by designing for them, and eventually became the community leader over there, and it has been given back tenfold, the community was wonderful, at blogspot, I’m still stuck, which is fine by me, I am reading different people including you, and heading towards more professional type blogging, anyways I’m ramblin’. your strategy is good, reply to commentors and emails is always great. :)

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- you obvious have major geek skillz. i’m not as geeky as you. Don’t know a thing about css or html or php. Can’t design. but if someone asks about it, i’ll be sure your link is one of the ones i point to.

  3. Chica

    I figured out that much about ya Bnoob! :p I am actually all self taught on CSS and HTML, I am not sure what PHP is, but wouldn’t be hard to figure out either. Thanks. :)

  4. Ben Barden

    Hey noob, well I have years of web experience, all self-taught. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL by reading books, online tutorials, and of course – experimenting! I wrote my own system that I use for my site. I love coding.

    Back to the topic in hand, I too can’t understand bloggers who don’t reply to comments. I can think of a few who do this. One recently wrote about their failings as a blogger, i.e. not blogging enough. I commented as did many others – 10 days later, still no replies. I unsubscribed pretty quickly from that one.

  5. the noob Post author

    benbarden- can i borrow your brain for a few weeks ben? i’ve tried but haven’t been able to figure out any computer languages. hopefully i can devote more time later. why blog if you’re not going to interact with your readers. waste of time. blogging requires a lot of time. and most blogs are set up as an afterthought. i don’t think most people take it very seriously. They post when they feel like it, etc. no wonder most blogs never get any traffic or get lost in blogging purgatory. no wonder most bloggers quit within the first month.

  6. Ben Barden

    Just in case you didn’t see my reply to your comment on my site, please let me know what you need. Use the contact link on my site and I’ll reply by email. :)

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