The Noob Effect

butterflyorg.jpgBeginners are left out in the dust. The Noob Effect. This phrase refers to the idea that a novice can’t move up to a higher level because people generally only want to associate with others that are higer in level.

Example. When you are dating someone, you access the compatibility of someone by comparing with yourself. The way you view yourself determines the score you give to the date. If you give your physical appearance a score of 8. More then likely that you will only want to date 8s or above. No way you would date a 4.

The internet works in the same way. If you want to trade links, people willing to trade links with you are usually more desperate for links then you. a PR3 site only wants to trade with PR3 or higher.

It seems fair but its the natural course. It makes sense cause you don’t want to talk about politics with someone who doesn’t know a thing about it. Or play basketball with guys that don’t know how to shoot or dribble.

In blogging, i think the most important visitor is the noob. The person starting out is the one that will join your program, or sign up with your affiliate. If you have a blog that has readers who are mostly middle to upper level bloggers, then you won’t make money getting them to join under you for such programs cause they probably already signed up. If your site is in the big time then you can make money off of advertiser reaching that target but this doesn’t apply until your site is pretty well known.

When i first thought up the idea that i should blog, i remember not understanding 80% of what other bloggers were saying. Whats a wordpress? whats CSS? Whats technorati? the list goes on and on.

I had to learn by jumping around on the internet and gathering info and sorting the good info from the junk info. no one guided me really.

Basically this blog is like a journal of mine. To record my journey and maybe give other people that are new to blogging some sorted out information. Its different from other blogs covering the same subject because this blog caters to the NOOB.

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