The Noob is Married!

Guys, thanks for reading my humble blog. I wanted to make an announcement. The noob is a married man. It’s been stressful and expensive, but i’m proud to say that the wedding ceremony and reception was a success. I’m off for my honeymoon, but before i leave, i wanted to let yall in. I will return in about a week or check back soon. The noob’s wife and i are going to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. I will be back with some sexy pictures. While i am away, i told the noob’s brother to guest post for me. He’s a noob so i think he’ll fit nicely with this blog. Noob out.

34 thoughts on “The Noob is Married!

  1. Jared Stenzel

    Congrats noob. As a gift, my make money blog should be up and running by the time you get back. I think you should shower the top 5 commenter’s with free blog reviews as a gift 😉

  2. c5

    Congratulations to you and Best Wishes to Mrs. Noob!

    It’s difficult the first year…
    The succeeding years are more difficult. 😀

  3. asithi

    Congratulations! May you and the mrs have a long and happy life together.

    Remember compromise is very important in a marriage. For example, when we were shopping for a new sofa, my husband wanted leather. I wanted some kind of fabric. We ended up with a new corduroy sofa. I think our marriage is going to last!

  4. dreamzmedia

    Congratulations Noob, dude.
    Was out and about in blog catalogue and saw ur note and dropped by. Sure this note’ll find u when u r back.

    All the best


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