The power of testimonials

testimonials.jpgMy pastor loves testimonials. Every Jesus retreat we would spend the last night surrounding the bonfire, giving testimonials about how we got saved. I would have rather spent that time singing songs and roasting marshmallows but i was a wee tike and had no say. During these testimonials, a few people would cry and get all emotional. I wouldn’t, but i learned that there is power in testimonials.

When you click over a google adsense ad, you’re usually taken to a generic landing page. You’ll notice that these pages have big bold letters. And usually, you’ll see a bunch of testimonials praising the product. Sam from Little Rock will say, “I’ve made 8 thousand dollar in 3 days, i can’t believe it’s so easy making money with reverse funnel cake system. Thanks snow bunny for making me rich” If you’re not so net savvy and you don’t understand how money is made on the internet, these words could move you to buy that product.

If testimonials can sell ebook/pyramid schemes, then it could probably make some money for legitimate business ideas. figure out and harness the power of testimonials on your blog.

For this blog, i plan on using some of the comments left on this blog to show some link love and encourage people to return to my site. Not going to buy anything, sell anything, or precess anything with these testimonials, but i plan on using it as a tool to increase traffic for this blog.

2 thoughts on “The power of testimonials

  1. Allyn Paul

    “buy, sell, or process…or process anything bought sold or….” what movie is that from again?

    Reverse funnel cake? They got those out at Navy Pier! LOL

  2. Christine Vyrnon

    testimonials efffing rock!!! drama drama drama and being pulled out of the pit of despair. I love testimonials… “i used to cheat on my wife and beat my kids until and found ‘jesus-in-a-box’. You can buy one too at your local mega-church!!!”

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