The real internet marketer please stand up

aa.jpgNever liked the sound of internet marketer. Sounds cheesy. Doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Rhymes with telemarketer. Doesn’t sound like a professional title. I honestly prefer blogger.

Let’s look at the words. Internet and marketer. Internet by itself is great. Marketer sounds very professional. But combine the two and you have a negative sounding phrase.

Lets focus on the word marketer. What does a marketer do. Well they are advertisement specialists. Marketers are also designers. Marketers are psychological masters. They create a need for something useless. Take for example the ipod or any apple product. I love my macs and my ipods. Why? cause i was brainwashed. Still am. I like the design of it. Love how its all shinny. My PC works betters, but I’d much rather take my mac to the bookstore.

There are two types of marketers. Type A are the creative folk. They design the layout and make it pretty. We all want something beautiful right. Type B are the analyzers. They look at market reports, stats, and demographics. They crunch number and insert them into formulas. Both types are detrimental. Figure out which type you are and focus on that. Ask for help in your weaker department.

When i place an ad, i try to make sure its relevant. Its pretty basic. Talk about webhosting and put a web hosting link. But spice it some with a clever post. Write about how much you made. Put a funny picture. Review the site and give a lot of info. Make sure the info you have is enough to make them click. If you didn’t answer all of the readers questions, they will go to a different site to find the answer. No click for you means no cash.

3 thoughts on “The real internet marketer please stand up

  1. Yisei

    Yeah, internet marketer definitely has a negative ring to it. For me, I think it’s mostly because it rhythmes with telemarketer so well. And good insight on the products that are so aggressively marketed these days. Many of them aren’t necessities. Just luxuries.
    Btw what did you mean by point fiver on my blog comment? Just curious =P
    Nice post~ Keep it up!


  2. the noob Post author

    Yisei-point fiver(1.5 generation) we live in a very wasteful world. We forget that the average global salary is around $2/day. No wonder everyone hates America.

    Rosie- I think marketing with articles can work if you have a very specific niche. But i honestly feel its a waste to spend time writing for someone else’s website. You should put that energy and time on your own site. Pay per click is something i’m not very fond of. I can see that it works with some people but i haven’t figured out a way to do so. You have to understand that people are more aware of ads nowadays. So they are reluctant to click. And i’ve had bad experiences with google adsense.

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