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keira_knightley.jpgHow did you hear about Johnchow dot com? I first read about him on cashquests. I didn’t even know who this guy was, but after i visited his site and saw his earnings report, my eyes jumped out of my face. I was amazing at how much money could be made with a blog. I read some of his ebook(it’s free, which is great) and learned some of the basics of monetizing a blog. It’s all pretty basic tho. Honestly speaking, you can’t learn much on his or any other make money blog. My blog included. You read make money blogs cause it’s fun and gets your engines going. Sometimes, you’ll learn a few tricks on the way.

The reason why his blog is so popular is cause of you. The reason why his blog makes so much money is cause of you. You go there, you write about his blog, and you keep going back. That’s why he gets so much attention. Johnchow dot com is actually your blog. The visitors. Do you get anything out of it tho? Nope. Rarely. Why continue praising or loving him? I’m doing the same thing here by promoting his blog. For free. Why, cause i need to reference a popular blog to get my point across. I’m not linking him tho. Cause he’s never going to link back. I’m not singing songs of worship to johnchow tho. Cause he’ll never listen. I’ve tired commenting on his blog but got nothing. Why love something that won’t love you back. It’s like being in love with a infomercial celebrity. Why? He doesn’t know you exist. Isn’t it better to visit, link, and love a smaller blog who will reciprocate that attention back to you? Just something that makes you go hmmmm. I think the real johnchow dot com is just another wordpress blog. You make it what it is. If you want to make money with your blog, you should visit smaller and medium blogs instead of giants. Just my 2 cents. I wrote a similar post about a month ago, but since i get new visitors, i wanted to drive this point across again.

If johnchow looked like that, i’d worship him.

10 thoughts on “The real johnchow dot com

  1. Tim Christie

    You must spend alot of time reading other blogs checking out what everyone is up to. I have had about 4 hours running around today dong research and your avatar keeps popping up EVERYWHERE.

    I would much rather read a smaller blog that really has something to say to everyone. JC’s blog just oozes cheesy dribble that makes people click on his links and sign up to his stuff. I try to steer clear of his blog as much as I can.

  2. Seeds For Wealth

    Sounds like you really hate the guy. He’s a human being just like us and if you’re in his place making over $20,000 a month, I’m thinking you’d forget some of us too. Just saying.

    Nudity on your blog doesn’t look very professional. Just a nip…I mean tip! :)

  3. Marie

    Before I comment on John Chow, I just have a recommendation for you, lose the celeb photo’s , it makes the site look very unprofessional and has nothing to do with what your posting about,which can be very misleading for your readers.As far as John Chow is concerned,in my opinion , he’s no more than a self promotor, who, under the pretense of helping other bloggers, is in reality, raking in the profits for himself, and doing a pretty good job, doing just that. this is the same guy who was the first to tout Agloco as the next pot of gold over the rainbow,we all know where that lead, nowhere.

  4. witchypoo

    Dang, if John Chow’s site is mine, then I want the danged money. It isn’t really mine. I only checked it out once. I like you better. You respond. And sometimes give five bucks.

  5. Justin Dupre

    Wasn’t all you got from John Chow was banned? haha

    Completely agree. I lose so much time in the day reading the smaller blogs, that I don’t even have time to work on my new blog.

    Just setting up graphics now, but I can’t wait to start posting.
    Justin Dupre

  6. the noob Post author

    tim christie- i spend a fair portion of my blogging day reading. it’s good to research and read/visit other people’s blogs. i really don’t understand why his blog is so popular. if jc looked like keira, i’d move to canada.

    seeds for wealth- don’t hate him. just don’t like how some blogger worship him. im just a jealous little noob. i want some of johnchow money

    jordan mcclements- hmm. depends on your style. doshdosh is good. sometimes boring and too long. bloggerunleashed is good.

    tianhong- not sure if it’s about being better. usually talent doesn’t have much to do with fame or dollars. timing and luck is probably the most important things.

    marie- you don’t like celebs? unprofessional? my domain name says noob on it. i don’t think professional is the look im going for. totally agree with you about johnchow. he’s the don king of blogs.

    witchypoo- haha. i meant it in a abstract way. thanks for liking me better. nice $5 plug. maybe you will win one of these days. :)

    justin dupre- i thought i got banned. turns out that i didn’t. he just refreshes his comments. i’d rather get banned then not even be noticed. i wasn’t even noticed. sucks to be a little guy. i went to ur site blogosis, but it didn’t have anything on it yet.

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