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Another make money online blog is for sale. I have a theory about the “make money online” niche. Bloggers in this niche only stay around for a little while. The reason is because “making money online” is not as easy as everyone says it is. Also, writing about online money making strategies is really boring. But, if you still want to take a crack at it, you should check out the university kid website. I have been following the growth of this blog for a while. This blog started at about the same time as bloggernoob. The content is solid and the blog has a loyal following. It is a PR4 blog with a lot of potential. Instead of starting your own MMO blog, you should consider buying an established one. The blog is for sale at the sitepoint auction. I am guessing that it will sell for around $7000, give or take. I wish Jason good luck with the auction.

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  1. Living on Adsense Blog

    Linkersblog is for sale as well. It seems that a lot of people that grew quickly in their blogs are giving up. Man I have put a ton of blood and sweat (no tears, I do not cry) into my blog, and I ‘ll be damned if I am going to watch some nut-job run my blog into the ground!

    I do a great job of running it into the ground myself!


    Noob Happy Holidays
    7 g’s I think thats a far strech for any PR4 Blog I have thats PR4 I’ll take some offers on that :)
    Anyway keeping busy and making mad money
    thanks to hydra and neverblue :) about 5 g’s a month and I’m ain’t MMO :)
    anyway hope all is well
    When you going do follow after this next Page rank update we shall see if that was a good move or not?

  3. 2ThePoint

    Noob, I don’t think he’s selling it anymore as he didn’t get the price he was looking for. He’s looking for writers to maintain the blog instead.

  4. Play Games Win Prizes

    A little tease for you guys. If TUK doesn’t get a good offer or good bid, I will be one of the writers for him. Anyways, can’t believe Slyvisions sold for $9k…:( Surely hoped that bloggin-ads would’ve gotten over $5k for being PR5. Stupid PR updated to PR5 during the end of the sale *argh!*


  5. Online Privateer

    Yea, running “make money online” blogs are fun for a while, every blogger and his friend start one at some point. They think they “understand” how to make money and want to blog about it. But you are right, once people realize it’s not as easy as they’d hoped their enthusiasm dies off.

    5k is a lot of money. I should start looking into blog flipping as another way of making money.

  6. 2ThePoint

    Looks like is on sale too. That came as a surprise as I check his blog regularly. Ah well…I’m sure he’s onto bigger and better things. I did enjoy his posts though.

  7. Taylor

    All sites that have to do with technology are usually pretty hard to rank well for and make money on.

    Smaller niches are always better to write about.

    By the way, what have you been up to? I didn’t see my article on my site and haven’t talked to you in quite a while. Hope everything is well.

  8. Sherry

    I know a few blog been sold on blogsphere. Not sure all exact amount but one I know its $9,500. I think its the person that bought it need to maintain it.

  9. Lewisville Accounting

    I would prefer to thank you for that efforts you have created in writing this write-up. I am hoping the exact same very best perform from you in the long term as well. In fact your inventive writing abilities has inspired me to begin my personal BlogEngine blog now.

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