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rachel ray makes money onlineI’m always advocating multiple blogging. Guys, it really is the only way to make money online. It doesn’t just have to be blogs. But you have to set up more then one site in order to make any real cash. If you don’t think you can hang with multiple sites, then don’t expect to make a lot of money online.

One of the hardest parts about setting up new sites is that you tend to run out of juice. You run out of content. You can’t create anything new. You brain is foggy and your fingers restless. I set up a new site every few days. I’ve been a bit busy with my day job, so i haven’t had the time to focus on my websites. But, when i’m not swamped, i try to create a new site everyday. Do you know how i do it?

How can one man create so many websites? Where do i get the material? I read a lot. I have stack loads of trade magazines. When i feel dry for material, i go to the book store and pick up a few magazines.

I think magazines are better then books when creating content. Web surfers are not book smart. They are magazine smart. Maybe not even that. Web surfers are comic book smart. They have short attention spans and will only read something that is easy. And they’ll only glance at your content if there’s a nice graphic or image on the page. That’s why i put up celebrity pictures. It’s a way of getting attention. If you read my post and realize that the photo has nothing to do with the post, then so be it. At least you read my post.

If you’re planning on starting a wedding blog, get yourself a copy of bride magazine. One issue can be source material for 20 posts. You’ll also get ideas about how to monetize your blog. Magazines are like giant ads. There are more ads then content. So, you’ll be able to understand how that niche is supported. You’ll get a better picture of who is paying for ads.

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  1. Debby Phillips

    Great post! I haven’t thought of using magazines as a way to come up with post ideas. I also haven’t thought of using the advertising in the magazines as a way to monetize a blog. You definitely got my wheels turning!

  2. Recruitment Nick

    Very nice post. We all know that bloggers strugle for content at times (I know I do and I live and breathe my niche) and that is a great idea for content.

    Good tips making money online wise as well, personally not so key for me as I am using the blog to both make a name for myself and my business in my chosen industry but I do like to see information like this as I am considering a couple of online opportunities I can see making money.

    Also glad to see on your other post that you are cutting back your paid for post. I love most of your own posts but tend to find myself rather turned off by paid for ones. Sorry but thats just how I am, I understand why you do them.

    Best of luck with all these new sites, I am watching with interest.

  3. the noob Post author

    debby phillips- thanks debby. yeah. it’s a good way to see where the money is coming from in a particular niche. If there aren’t a lot of ads, then it’s a niche that isn’t supported by money. Meaning, it’s a hard niche to make money off of. Picking up any random magazine will give you ideas onhow to launch, and monetize a niche blog.

    recruitment nick- thanks nick. you’re in the recruitment niche?

    yeah. i apprecaite your feedback. I started this blog thinking that i wasn’t going to do much with it. I thought realistically. I figured that i’d do paid plugs and write some of my blogging tips. It’s caught on better then i expected. So, i’ll try to grow this site into an honest and reliable source for making money online. Hopefully, the intial set back on the regular income from paidplugs will be offset by future earnings. I’ll be making the slow transition in the next few months.

    jan alvin- 3 sites? that’s better then most. It’s hard if you’re trying to grow 3 quality sites. I would recommend that you focus on one site as your main. And with the other two, experiement. Test out a lot of tools and try out a lot of different ad programs.

    The reason that i’m gungho about domain investing is that i’m confidenct that i can turn any domain into a money maker. I feel that i can offset the cost of registration on any domain name. Even it’s like, “” I know that i can somehow make 10/year from it. That’s why it’s a no brainer for me to buy up all of these domains. the plus is that, i try to buy semi premium domains. So, in the long run, the domain in it of itself grows in value along with the website that i created for it. I don’t create major, or quality sites on most of my domains. I just set up a static page with a little bit of keyworded content. I just let it sit there. It’s better then leaving the domain parked somehwere. Most domains don’t generate money by it being parked. Might as well try to age the domain for future use. 😉

    damn, your little one sentence comment got me to post an essay of reply comment. 😉

  4. jeflin

    Hi bloggernoob,

    But even static sites have a cost involved. How are you coping with the domain and hosting fees?

    On average, how much revenue does each of your experiment sites generate per month?

    You could probably write another in-depth post on this topic.

  5. the noob Post author

    jeflin- hosting fee is not much. if you have one shared hosting plan, u can put up unlimited addon domains and sites with jsut one plan. Domains can get costly when you buy a lot. but if you have 10 sites, it’ll only cost you 10/month hosting and 100/year for domain. that’s not bad for 10 different websites.

    the revenue depends on the niche and how much effort i put into it. on average, for not a lot of time spent, i can get a site to produce around 10c-$2/day.

    when i get more better at it, i might write a in-depth post about this topic. 😉 Seems like my readers are not interested in multiple sites. I think a lot of them have trouble with one blog as it is. 😉

  6. Recruitment Nick

    Yeah, recruitment is my niche (What gave it away?). Starting a new company and loving how I can use the blog to create buzz, even though its not launched yet!

    Fingers crossed with your earnings then, I certainly keep reading (and subscribe via RSS) as I love your no BS approach

  7. the noob Post author

    recruitment nick- that’s great. I respect the entrepreneurial spirit. i wish your company many blessings and luck. People don’t like to acknowledge luck. But i know how important luck and timing is for business. Do you already have a domain? Even if it hasn’t launched yet. u should still put up the site. It’ll help you grow the site faster to have something up. Just a little paragraph about the new company. Thanks for you encouraging words. I’ll try to keep dishing out no bs “make money online” stuff. When you think about it tho, business deals with a lot of bs. Can’t escape bs when money is involved. 😉

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