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ecommerce.jpgBefore i started my blog, i was always curious about starting my own E Commerce site. I didn’t have a product in mind, nor did i know anything about how business is run online. I just figured it would be cool to start a web business. I knew that capital required was way less then a regular brick and mortar. I got sick and tired of reading about web millionaires. I wanted in on that action.

But after i started my blog, i got down on e commerce websites. The idea of selling products via a website got lost. I figured that it’s easier to make affiliate commissions. I thought it would be easy to do internet marketing instead. Boy was i wrong. Internet marketing isn’t as easy as everyone says. The people that visit your make money online blog, only do so cause they want something from you. They visit cause they want some free links. Some visit for a second to earn credits on blog exchange or traffic sites. Some even leave comments thinking that you will return the favor. They’re not really looking to read your articles. All that hard work….for what?

Visitors of make money online blogs are usually other make money online bloggers. So, you’re not going to make much commission off of them. They are already signed up to all of the ad programs you’re pushing. How are you going to make money off of these guys? The answer is, “you’re not going to make any.” My blog makes money. It’s chump change, but i make more then 95% of the make money blogs in the blogosphere. How did this happen? Beats me. I guess i got lucky.

Blogging for cash isn’t easy guys. It’s time consuming. It requires daily updates. Your ideas will dry up fast. You’ll have to kiss the arse of other make money bloggers. And all that hard work will only add a few dollars a day to your pocket. If you’re running your blog as a hobby, that’s fine. But if you’re serious about making money online, a few dollars a day is ridiculous.

So, what’s a noob to do? I’ve said this before, the way to make money online is by diversification. You gotta add some color to your web portfolio. You have to run multiple sites. Not just blogs. You should set up forums, service sites, member sites, and e commerce sites.

Think of e commerce websites like your average mom and pop shop. Think of it as a small retail operation. Basically you’re going to be selling a product. Something that you will sell via your site. I know what you’re saying, there are already way too many e commerce sites. Can’t compete with the likes of Amazon or Overstock. True, but you’re not going to compete. You’re going to grow your site so that your product can be included in sites like Amazon.

I have a friend who sells his product on Amazon. He got lucky cause he was able to join Amazon when it first started selling from outside vendors. Now he rakes in cash every single day. All he does is order more inventory to stock in his apartment. He checks twice a day for new orders, and ships them out once every two days. He makes over $250 a day. The kicker is that he probably spends less then 1 hour a day on his business. He’s pretty lazy, so he hasn’t expanded his operation. If i were him, i would set up a few more websites like that. Imagine four such sites. That’s $1000/day. Not too shabby.

I will share with you all that i know of e commerce sites. I’ve set up a couple myself. Following my friend’s example, i’ve got my e commerce sites to where it gets an order or two every month. Not a lot of money, but i am beginning to see the potential. It’s great cause i don’t have to do any work. If i spent time, marketing and SEOing the sites, i think it could add some nice change to my wallet. You guys interested?

First off, think of a product that is easy to ship. Think of things that are small and light. Focus on one item at first. For example, if you want to do iphone accessories, then pick one item. Call up manufactures or wholesellers and work out a deal. Allibaba is a good place to look for some generic products to buy straight from manufacturers.

Next, figure out the market price. Your website won’t be able to beat the giant sites like Amazon in price. So you have to make up for it by offering specialty items. Figure out a selling price that will get people to buy your product.

Then, offer free stuff for your first customers. This will help you market you new site without spending a lot of money. You’re looking for word of mouth advertising in the beginning stages. As your business grows, you can start spending cash to advertise, but in the beginning, try to keep your expenses low. Think about how you grew your blog. Visit blogs that might be interested in your product. Leave comments with links to your site. Offer your product as prizes to these bloggers free of charge.

Have a budget in mind. If you’re looking to create a new product, then you probably have to spend at least 10k on such a site. It costs money to order your initial inventory, and it’ll cost money to get the molding for new items from the manufacturer. And if you buy straight from the factory, they’ll require a pretty large order. If your budget is less then 10k, then you should only focus on the wholesale level. The site’s design and coding shouldn’t cost more then a few hundred bucks. So in theory, you could start a legit e commerce site for less then 500 bucks.

This post is getting too lengthy. I shall turn this into a segment. I will report the progress of my sites in later posts. Just think about selling something that you would actually buy. I love my iphone. There are a lot of accessories available for the iphone. It’s not a market that you should get into, but if you have an idea for a product that isn’t already available, you should go for it. The iphone covers that are currently available suck ass. They are either too big, or they don’t really protect my lovely iphone. They are pretty damn ugly. So if i was going to tap into iphone cases, i’d figure out what i would want in a iphone case. If i had over 10 k to invest, i would contact a manufacturer in China and pay for the cost of molding. Then i would place an order of around 5k for my initial order. Then i would open up shop. But if i had less then $1000 to start my e commerce site, i would do a lot of research for case already available to consumers. I would try to find the gems. Iphone cases that aren’t popular, but extemely cool.

Anyway, think about what i wrote. If you want to make money online, you gotta mix in a lot of different website to your portolio. E commerce is something that can add dollars to your income. Best of all, it doesn’t require a lot of time, once the site is up and running. If you guys already run e commerce sites, please share with me your experiences. Leave me the URL of your e commerce sites in my comments below. If i think your site is cool, i’ll menton in my next post about e commerce sites. Cheers!

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  2. Ben Barden

    Hey noob. Great post, it’s a very wise idea to look beyond a blog for making money online. I’ve got a CMS at that has both a free version and a paid version. The free version is definitely worth using and has a lot of good stuff to set it apart from the competition. The paid version has some awesome features that the free version does not. We’re still fine-tuning the differences between the versions though. We don’t actually have a store, you download and install the free version and there’s a PayPal button in the Admin Control Panel. Pay for it and we send a licence file. Nice and easy!

  3. Funked

    Ohhh well, there goes my next post lol. Luckily I’ve wrote about 2 paragraphs so far. You must have been reading my mind :P.

    Nice to have you back noob! And great post too. :)

  4. Bob

    About 18 months ago my wife decided she wanted to work from home so we set about planning how we’d do it. We found the products she wanted to sell and managed to get great deals with the manufacturers never mind the suppliers. So I set about drafting up a website with the same software my friend uses for his sweetshop and after 5 days of working full time on it I realised we would have at least 1000 different products and even if we only initially stocked say 100 of them we would not have the room in our house to store the goods.

    We put it on the back burner the next day but its always niggling away to get it started back up now were in a bigger house.

  5. Desmond

    I started on eBay and got my products in Malaysia (where I live) and I made about $50 daily through it.

    But I’m not enjoying the process though. :-(

  6. Wenbin

    Nice post. Was thinking of ordering from manufacturer but had no idea where to get started. Liked your recommendation of Allibaba. Do you have any other recommendations? Thanks.

  7. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- Exactly how many hits/day do you get per site. and how much do you make per month?

    ben- is injader something you created? or is it a company you work for? i think it’s apretty kick ass cms, cause your site looks pretty sharp.

    funked- cosmic forces. u keep thinking up those great ideas funked…and i’ll keep posting them before ya 😉

    bob- all that work and you haven’t set it up yet? get busy and get it up. and send me the link. i wanna check it out :)

    desmond- yeah, i was waiting for such a comment. i think ebay is a great springboard. it openned my eyes to internet business. you should think about jumping from ebay to your own websites. find one item, and market the hell out of it.

    wenbin- alibab is cool. there are a lot similar type of sites. u should look into all of them. remember the golden rule of the internet. don’t pay for shit. 😉 if a site doesn’t let you test it out, it’s most likely a scam. avoid sites wher eyou have to pay to join.

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