Throwing money away

top_forlani.jpgNobody likes throwing money away. But i’m sure most of you do when you’re starting out in the blogging game. I know i did.

First of all, never pay for anything when you’re starting out. Don’t waste your money hosting cash contests, or paying for advertising. It won’t help until you understand how the blogging economy works. Once you figure out the math of blogging, then you can cautiously spend your hard earned greenbacks.

I’m still bitter for buying text links on textlinkads. What a load of shit. I only did it cause my deposit of $25 got me $125 worth of text links. ($125 worth of shit…more like it) Anyway, i advertised on a bunch of no name “make money online” blogs. I place one overpriced ad on tylercruz dot com. It got me a few hits. But it really wasn’t worth the money. I later realized that i could get free hits via sites like, blogcatalog and entrecard. Also, i was able to get a free link on tyler’s blog just by reviewing his blog. See what i’m getting ad? You don’t need to pay for shit. Everything online can be had for free. Just gotta look, son!

14 thoughts on “Throwing money away

  1. Forest Parks

    This is definitely a lesson I am learning recently.

    I just set a pretty much no spend policy from today after I found out that I accidentally left a useless adwords campaign running and racked up $200!!

    It serves me right for not being oragnized!

  2. Job Search Sites

    I never made the mistake of advertising on other sites. Its probably because I am too cheap. I know that is generally a waste of time though and that is why I have only had a few people advertize on my blog. It just doesn’t work enough to be worth it.

  3. David

    Thank you !! I am new to the game of blogging and have been wondering about all those sites , I have been doing everything the free way and wondering if I had to pay to get traffic , Again thanks for the leads and the advice

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  5. Barry

    Yep, nearly anything can be had for free, it just takes some work and a little time. I did spend about 28 bucks in a directory listing service – it hasn’t brought a whole lot, but it did make my page a bit more visible.

    But you are right, blog catalog and entrecard bring lots of folks for free:)

  6. Normal Joe

    I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for traffic, though I know sometimes it works. I’d much rather pay for more information, education, things that will help me learn to generate traffic for free!!!

    Ha, you’re right, with all this social networking/social blogging sites, getting traffic is a click, post, review, or email away….

    sooooooo……you ready for that interview? :)

    see ya

    Normal Joe

  7. the noob Post author

    forest parks- ouch, 200 bucks. damn google! i never use adwords. too much money for not enough clicks. u should look into msn and yahoo programs.

    wade- yeah, what a bummer. 25 bucks is a lot of money when u calculate it in blogging dollars.

    job search sites- im super cheap too. i think this is when being cheap comes in handy.

    warp9wb- yup. pardon my french

    david- nope, don’t pay for shit

    tamera- are u talking about love? cause if you are. i agree. love is hard to find. most people never find it. what is love? baby don’t hurt me

    barry- yeah, u just need to know where to look. unfortunately, that’s pretty hard when your a newb

    normal joe- paying for information is kinda like paying for traffic in my book. if you bought an ebook or some shit like that. info is available for free online. as far as education…what type of blogging education? you didn’t join super ninja did u? shoemoney’s scam

  8. Normal Joe

    well, I guess I wasn’t clear, I don’t mean blogging education specifically, but marketing education.

    Though, I’m realizing more and more what is available for free, I do know, some programs you pay for have some pretty good content.

    I didn’t know about super ninja lol, hahaha, never heard of it, I’m more talking about marketing education in general.

    But, I have been purging a lot of CRAP and just getting down to business, as you are, and trying to generate more traffic.

    If you think about it, what component of this whole process can’t be had for free with a little hard work?

    Traffic, advertising, education…..all can be found for free, it’s the net baby!!! lol

    sometimes paying just gets you from A to B a little quicker….ya know?

    I hear you though, it’s just a matter of what you think will benefit you the most.

    But nah, I haven’t bought any super ninja or blogging courses…..I feel, if I just write how I think….and try to help others, I’ll get the traffic I seek..

    On another not…ya better get used to seeing my ugly mugg around here, as I’m diggin your site!!

    -normal joe

  9. bloggernoob

    normal joe- dude thanks for such a lengthy comment. :) i welcome you as a visitor. “write how you think, and try to help others” that’s exactly what i did. i wish you luck, and if you keep posting and networking, you’ll make money dude!

  10. Normal Joe

    No problem man!! That’s why I love your site!! The way you write, I feel like I know you, it seems like that is your personality off the net.

    I feel we should just be ourselves instead of trying to come off as some type of super successful guru, fanboy! lol

    I just want to be me, and, in the process help as many people as I can see their dreams!!!

    Making a little extra burger money in the process…

    see ya later dude…

    -Normal Joe

  11. the noob Post author

    normal joe- yup yup. extra burger money. im telling my friends to start up blogs. I told them that they could probably grow it to where it can take care of their monthly car payments.

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