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timewaster.jpgI’m a big time waster. I try to be organized and get the max amount of work done in the least amount of time, but it rarely works out that way. I think i’ve been pretty successful with the launch of this blog, but i feel like i could have increased my income and gotten more traffic if i avoided some of my time wasting activities. If i don’t waste time, i know that i can make more money with this blog. These are some of my biggest time wasters.

Checking Stats. I don’t know why, but i can’t help myself from logging into google analytics and awestats like every 2 hours when i’m online. Even when i’m not working on my blog, i’ll find myself checking my stats. It’s fun to see the traffic stats, but it really doesn’t do much to obsessively check it. Try to cut down on the time you repeatedly look over your stats. Reviewing your stats to optimize your marketing techniques is one thing, but to keep looking at it, can be counter productive. Too bad it’s super fun to do.

Checking comments. The greatest thing about blogging is the interaction you have with your readers. Some comments aren’t very useful, but you’ll find some that really inspire you. Some people will be really supportive and encouraging and witty in the comments. This makes you want to blog harder and longer. But obsessively checking your comments is a big time waster. You’re not going to get more comments by constantly checking it right? Try to limit this highly addictive time waster.

Not having draft posts. This is a big time waster cause it’s stressful and time consuming to write on the fly. If you do paid posting, you’ll find it difficult to balance filler posts that are good in between your paid plugs. Having quality draft posts ready will remedy this time wasting issue. Some days you can dish out like 10 good posts. Take advantage of those days and fill up your admin with posts that can be published with a click of a button. Don’t stress and waste time trying to think of a new post to write.

Putting things off until the last min. This isn’t just a time waster. It’s an income drainer. Even tho my blog isn’t very professional, i still supplement some of my income with this little blog. Hell, i can pay my car payments and pay for my business trips to LA. I might even be able to pay for my honeymoon with bloggernoob money. That’s why i have to treat this blog like a business. If i put things off, i know my traffic and income will suffer. Don’t delay those emails. Don’t put off on that new affiliate campaign. Don’t put off on your paid plugs. Those ideas you jotted down on your note pad, don’t just leave them there. Use them. If you know that you’ve exhausted your current traffic and income source, then get off your ass and find new ones.

Kissing ass. Kissing ass is a big time waster. It doesn’t do much either. It’s better to kick ass, not kiss ass. I’m still a noob but sometimes people try to kiss my ass. It’s fun in the beginning, but after a while, it gets pretty annoying. Instead of kissing the ass of other bloggers, why not spend some time working on your blog. Networking is important in the blogging game, but be careful that you don’t cross the ass kissing line. Don’t keep writing to the same bloggers requesting freebies. I’m more then willing to help out a fellow noob, but when you keep asking me the same questions and cracking corny jokes, it gets pretty lame. Try to have something new or interesting to say before you shoot that email.

13 thoughts on “Time wasting

  1. Grizzly

    Don’t mind me I just came in to kiss your ass!

    Your post hit home as I find myself succumbing to a few time wasters as well – you know – things like reading other blogs and making witty comments! Lol

    Good one Noob.

  2. Jackie

    LOL! I love the last one. I am a big time waster too, but I try to do it less frequently now…I agree about writing the quality posts vs the other…I just begin doing that. I am trying to learn and then apply the new information I have learned for blogging.

  3. JustChris

    I run a gaming blog and I waste more time web surfing than playing video games, which would be essential for writing about video games.

    I’ve also tweaked my site design more than usual. This is an area where I’m kind of a perfectionist.

  4. Pete Moore

    I find I waste a lot of time checking if I am winning the domain tournament ON YOUR DAMN BLOG 😉

    Pete Moore

    P.S. I wouldn’t mind wasting some time with her up there (no not jackie a bit further up)

  5. Juha Ylitalo

    I am spending far too much time on all kind of make money blogs, while I should really concentrate on getting more content to my photography, taiji, etc. blogs… :)
    Seriously, I’ve been cutting down number of make money blogs that I follow and I am going to be cutting it even further. I guess I will eventually create some sort of rule that I follow certain number of make money blogs. If I add one into Google Reader, I need to drop something else (unless it has Entrecard widget in it :).

  6. Debo Hobo

    Every single one of these tips are pricelss and true. I have am going back into make money mod and will do it shamelessly this time. I’m not to proud ot beg.

    I’ve have managed to update my Advertise page and even joined Project Wonderful. Now if I could only get foks to click on the useless Google ads I could be rich.

    At the risk of being an Ass Kisser-Thanks for the tips :)

  7. Sylvia G

    I am big time waster too. I can relate to checking in on my stats from google analytics, wozzerrs, I can lose an hour at a time doing that.

  8. Forest Parks

    Filler posts are sometimes impossible. I am going to try and start scheduling my week so that I do all posts for one site in a day and then all filler posts on another day, freeing up the other days for paid posts and working on other projects.

  9. bloggernoob

    grizzly- haha. thanks for stopping by griz. just wanted to emphasize that you should stop wasting time. all of the things i mentioned above should be done on a regular basis, but in moderation. all except the arse kissing. something you do quite well grizz! :)

    jackie- just do things in moderations and make sure tha tyou’re constantly working on you site. everything else won’t help you make any money.

    justchris- yup. you should constantly be playing video games. :)

    pete moore- haha. sure blame me pete! scarlet is mine. you find your own time waster

    juha- that’s a big time waster. i run a make money blog, and i try to not read any make money blog. i find that it messes my writing style up. so generic and useless. not saying that i’m any better. just something i noticed about make money blog. including my own. That’s honestly for ya :)

    debo- project wonderful isn’t so wonderful. making 5 bucks a month with my traffic isn’t very tempting. i think i’ll give it the boot after a couple more weeks.

    sylvia- i’ve lost more then an hour on checking stats. i guess it’s the rainman in me. i need to keep checking the numbers. big time waster of time.

    forest- good idea to compartmentalize your writing schedule. it’s always good to have a lot of drafts.

  10. Annie

    Noob-Have you been watching me? It sounds like you know exactly what I have been doing. I keep saying I am going to make a schedule so that I allot a certain amount of time to each necessary task as opposed to getting sucked in to checking stats and reading comments all day. Only problem is I wrote that idea down on a notepad and it is now in my pile of other ideas!! Would you believe I thought it was a good idea to start another blog….like I didn’t have enough to do!!

  11. the noob Post author

    annie- yes i have been watching you. I also look through your trash. 😉 my future wife is the same way. She bought herself an organizer, but she can’t use it anymore because she needs to organize her orangizer

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