To all the blogs i loved before

willie.jpg“To all the blogs i loved before…who came in and out my door…i dedicate this song…for loving you so long…to all the blogs i loved before” July Church

This post is goes out to all the blogs that showed me love. How did they show the Noob some lovin? They wrote about me and linked to me. That’s like flowers and candy to a blogger.

The Rookie Blogger– he is just like me. except much older. he looks like he’s in college or something. as you can see i’m still a baby.

The property pundit– Steve at property pundit is a lawyer. I know i know…but seriously he seems nice enough.

Life and lawns– he wakes up everyday and throws his mini rug down on the floor. he faces east and prays for the lawns of America.

Internet marketing for mommies– she’s a MIMF. Mother Internet Marketing Founder

Thought Sponge– The thinking man’s sponge

LNYLLC– I inspire lnyllc

Canwepayu– you like me…you really like me

JTJNet– And now. from north carolina. 6ft 6 john…jordan

3 thoughts on “To all the blogs i loved before

  1. Allyn Paul

    THese days, with snow covering the lawns, I mostly rant and rave about BS I ovserve througout the day…but when Spring hits…it’s back to the grass on my ass.

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