To post or not to post

americanbeauty.jpgSome days you just don’t have the energy to post. Something in your personal life or problems with work will get you so down that the last thing on your mind is your little blog. Today was like that for me. I was thinking about posting or not. I usually have draft posts ready for occasions like this but i used them up. Do you think it’s good to post just to post?

I would have to say yes. The reason is that sometimes you post not for you regular readers, but for the search engines. Posting frequently refreshes the content of your blog. Search engines love that. By constantly creating content, you are creating more search terms for the search bots to crawl. I’m not an seo expert, but i think writing often and updating frequently is a must.

Today, i really don’t want to write anything. I honestly don’t have anything useful to say. Some of you may think that not writing anything is better then writing something useless. Good point, but i beg to differ. If i just keep rambling on about whatever, this post will get indexed.

Bloggers do a lot of things to get traffic. Most of the traffic on all, i mean ALL, blogs are junk traffic. Traffic that is temporary. Traffic that bounces after a second. People even pay for such traffic. Don’t be scared to write off topic. Don’t be scared that your readers will not like one of your posts. Most of the traffic you recieve, they probably don’t even read your post anyhow. Attention Entrecard blogs. Most of the traffic you get, are junk traffic. I know cause i’ve gotten plenty of entrecards junk traffic. Why am i just rambling on about entrecard and junk traffic. Cause i’ll probably get indexed by google for the terms “entrecard junk traffic” that’s why. I might even be one of the top sites for entrecard traffic. If i keep repeating these terms, i might get on the first page for “entrecard traffic.”

This post isn’t about entrecard traffic. This post is about uselesss posts. This post is about posting just for the sake of posting. I say do it. This post is only isn’t taking away any of my time. I’ll finish this post in less then 15 mins. Only about 80 of you will read this post all the way through. For those of you who read my useless ramblings. I will reward you with a free 125×125 ad. I priced it at 25 dollar/month. But cause you stuck with me on this post, i’ll select one of you for a free ad. Just leave me a comment below. In the comment, write “entrecard traffic“. I’ll pick one of you at random for this prize.

I’m actually glad i wrote this post. It was pretty fun. I’m not even going to bother and proof read this thing so please excuse my bad grammar and incorrect spelling. Good night.

31 thoughts on “To post or not to post

  1. 2ThePoint

    Well, personally, if I have nothing to say and I can’t think of anything to say, I post nothing up. To hell with the search engines.

    But that’s just me :-)

  2. witchypoo

    Entrecard traffic aside, I was going to ask anyway what you charged for the ad, so I’m glad you posted today. I read all your copy except the paid posts.

  3. Pete Moore

    Whatever noob,

    Anyway have I won the domain tournament yet πŸ˜‰

    As you can see I’m having one of those days too lol.

    Pete Moore

  4. A.

    I do try to post every day, more from slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies than for search engine pleasure seeking (didn’t know that).

    I do usually have a couple of standby posts around, but failing that I upload a photo. A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say, and it’s so easy.

  5. Phil

    I post to keep my head working. I find that if I don’t post, I get into more of a block. Of course, my family and work mess with me by taking my mind off of my writing, but I am going to have that worked out soon.



  6. monaco

    Entrecard Traffic.

    It happens to me too, more often than to others I think. But this is a good idea, to create a post just to get indexed by Google. He he.

  7. Forest Parks

    Ha ha, i really enjoyed this post too.

    I have made a schedule for my blog now and have to post daily. Hopefully I will be able to start filling my drafts soon and get WordPress to post them itself so I can finally get o with some new projects.

    Do you know if you have been indexed for this yet?

  8. Sammy Ashouri

    I’m with the post 100%. I try damn hard to find something to post about if I can’t find anything unique. Its been a while since my last “really unique” post… but since my blog is on domaining news there’s pretty much a lot of things to talk about.

  9. mel avila alarilla

    I agree with you. We have to post even if we don’t feel like posting. To remedy the situation of posting burnout, I suggest that we can post a lot in our notebooks to be used as the need arises. There are days when we are so inspired to post. We have to take advantage of those days and post to our heart’s content. Thanks for the practical post. God bless you and your love ones always.

  10. Jared Stenzel

    “Entrecard Traffic” just let me know if I win πŸ˜› By the way I agree with you. Letting your loyal readers read this will not only index your site, but simply give them something to read. If they are expecting something whether or not it is good, they want to see it. Like me :)

  11. the noob Post author

    2thepoint- :) i’m like that too with most of my other blogs. but bloggernoob dot com. i want to keep this baby going. it’s really been fun for me.

    witchypoo- thanks witchy. you’ve benefited with multiple prizes right? :)

    thomassinfield- :) not wrong. just lazy :)

    moomie- thanks. good luck on winning some free adspace.

    petemoore- haha. but you’re doing well. good luck on the touney

    A.- i have ocd too. blogger gets pretty addicting. yes pictures are important. photos gets stumbled often. and it draws attention. online, you only have a second to grab peoples attention.

    phil- yeah. it’s good brain excercise. it’s like dishing piling up. gotta keep doing the dishes.

    mike- it’s not worth the effort at all. it was just something random. i didn’t even think about it really. i could have gone with porn credits. shoot, i should have gone with “porn traffic”

    monaco- yes. it’s good to get in a habit of posting regularly.

    forest- thanks mr parks. it’s really encouraging seeing you so devoted to web projects. yes “entrecard junk traffic” is indexed. do a google search on that and you’ll see that bloggernoob is on the first page. haha. but i doubt anybody will never search thoese terms. just write it spur of the moment and to hammer in my point.

    sammy- yeah a lot of info about domanining. thanks for stopping by sammy

    mel avila- yeah. notebooks is cool. i usually have draft posts handy. but i’ve been busy the past few weeks. so i used them up already. gotta get some more drafts up.

  12. the noob Post author

    jared- i just missed ur comment. i guess you were writing as i was writing. what are the odds of that :) thanks buddy. comments like that make it worthwhile to keep posting. even when i don’t feel like it. i’ll let you know if you win. :)

  13. menopauseprincess

    I’m in Noob, entrecard traffic.

    What I wonder more about is what’s up that has you feeling this way?

    I like a happy Noob, and I’m concerned about my blog buddy.

  14. DIY Lawn Tips

    Ok Noob, I’m gonna have some fun with and for you. I am going to link to your blog from my blog roll with the term “entrecard junk traffic.” Then you give it a couple days and see what happens.

    Also, I actually have alittle plan for utilizing entrecard here in the Spring and will update you on how it goes.

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  16. the noob Post author

    menopauseprincess- im a happy noob. was just tired yesterday. it was bill day. and i was getting ready to do my taxes, etc. got a lot of off lines businesses going so it gets pretty stressful this time of year. and i have to pay for an expensive wedding. no worries tho. im a happy noober

    al- thanks for the link juice. i should have requested a better search term. had i know you were going to be in a giving mood πŸ˜‰ #2 ain’t bad. i think i’m on the first page even without the quote. :) thanks al.

  17. bloggernoob

    menopauseprincess- it’s middle of April. :) only got a little over a month left. i can’t believe it.

    noel- thanks noel. wow. i guess i gotta keep writing useless posts then :)

  18. the noob Post author

    thebloggerexposed- haha. u gotta mention “entrecard traffic” i want to enter you but you did read the fine point. :) if you see this before i pick, i’ll let you comment again. make sure you include the word traffic. πŸ˜‰

    jackie- thanks. my useless posts usually are the more popular ones. i don’t get it :)

  19. JustChris

    Due to the nature of my site, it’s very hard to be the sole writer and being pressured to update on a regular basis.

    Nice article and I would stopped at just that, but you managed to sneak a mini-contest into it as well. Clever. I’d be curious to see how much targeted traffic the free “entercard traffic” ad would give me.

  20. Living on Adsense

    Some days you just don’t have the energy to leave comments. Something in the post turned you off or nothing useful is coming to your mind so down that the last thing on your mind is wasting your time leaving a useless comment. This comment is like that for me. I was thinking about whether I should comment or not. I usually have witty retort ready for occasions like this but it’s just to early in the morning for creativity. Do you think it’s good to comment just to comment ?

  21. the noob Post author

    justchris- haha nice. thanks for reading my useless post all the way thru.

    living on adsense- haha. very good. way to spin my useless post back at me. you win living on adsense. leave me the link to where your 125×125 image can be found. and i’ll put your ad on my sidebar.

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