Too many links?

links.jpgDoes your blogroll look like a grocery store receipt? Does it have more then 10 links? If you do, then you have way too many links. I started out not knowing the importance and value of links. I heard that linking and receiving links were important, so i just went and tried to get as many link trades as i could. I now know that not all links are created equal.

I think if you own your own website, you probably have a general understanding of search engine optimization. But it’s also possible that your understanding is more myth then truth. Of course, not everybody agrees with what works best, but there are some general rules you should follow if you want to build up your blog.

Don’t devalue your link. Linking to other blogs is a kind gesture and should be done on a regular basis. But, you shouldn’t give out too many links. This will devalue your links. Look at it like a pizza pie. Bloggernoob is a medium size pizza. I can probably only feed 4 people max. If i try to feed 8 people with my pizza, i’ll only be teasing them. They’ll be left hungry.

Remove a lot of your site wide links. I have a lot of links on my blogroll. I traded too many links when i started out. I traded with links that don’t apply to my make money blog. I’m in the process of removing them in the next week. I could just remove them, but before i do, i want to notify the sites i was linking with. This is basic manners but a lot of bloggers sometimes over look common courtesy. I want to cut down my blogroll to under 5 links. This will make my links more valuable for future monetization. Also, by removing unrelated links, i’ll improve my keyword and blog ranking. Remove blogcatalog, mybloglog, bumpzee, widgets from your blog. I know these are fun, but they devalue your blog’s links. I like looking at my visitors avatars, but i know i’ll be removing them soon. So enjoy them why they last.

Link frequently to your own blog. Link to individual posts. Don’t just link to your front page. This will help your individual posts get up in the search results. When asking for links, try to link to individual posts with relevant keywords. I have a lot of links coming to this blog with anchoring text “bloggernoob.” I appreciate all the links but i wish i told them in the beginning to anchor the text that are relevant to this blog. I can’t go back and undo what i’ve already done, so for future links, i’ll make sure people link to me with “make money blog.”

Working google and the search engines is a slow and time consuming task. Some of you may not want to bother with such things. But, if you want passive income and passive traffic, you’ll want to get your keywords and individual posts ranked high. It doesn’t happen over night and not everybody has the right formula. So you must take it upon yourself to learn the tricks one by one. I don’t know that much about SEO, but i did manage to get bloggernoob on the second page for google search “make money blog” I’ll keep tweaking it and maybe i’ll get to the front page. It’s important to find your own tricks to rank high on google. If you incorporate someone else’s tricks, maybe you will be disappointed. Sites differ in niche, content, and keywords. So what works on site A might not work on site B. The best way to learn anything is by trial and error. So mess up and fail and keep trying until you get it right. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Too many links?

  1. Moolahking


    Damn it..!! I should known about how to value a link before..But hey, i’m not doing that because i devalue it..You see, i had a lots of link in my ‘A Must Read Blog’ including you, noob. And why i do that? because it’s easy for me to roll over to others site and let other readers know that these site exists too, if you know what i mean..

    Furthermore, if i deleted some of the lovely links, i might forget their site, and i hate to do that..!!

    Nonetheless, maybe i should try to delete some, and put the rest intact. Those not related, bye bye to them..Hhahahahaha.. :)

  2. witchypoo

    I use a rotating image blogroll that only displays three at a time. You could also use a rotating text blogroll, but people like to see their screenshot thumbnails on my blog. All it takes is a simple line of php.

  3. bloggernoob

    moolahking- i read your post moolah. very funny. i left you a comment.

    witchypoo- i’ve seen that before. i think it’s pretty neat, im just not a fan of rotating anything. :)

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