Top 10 blogs about blogging for dollars

Today my motif is top ten list. This list won’t BS and features just the top blogs. I have some gems included in the list.

1. DoshDosh Maki from doshdosh writes lengthy articles about different way to genertate revenue from your websites. His articles are very detailed and all of his posts are make money related.

2. entrepreneurs-journey Yaro is a much better blogger then Darren from problogger. Information on his site are not as general.

3. shoemoney Jeremy (i call him Ron) writes instructive articles but the bad thing about his blog is that too many of his posts are written by somebody else.

4. johncow– the cow is a funny guy. he tries a lot of different marketing tricks and is one of the most honest bloggers around. started out as a johnchow parody but is not better then the original.

5. johnchow what can i say he’s john chow. the mother of make money online blogs. random at times but a great marketer.

6. carlocab the guy is 13. he made it to 2nd place on google search for make money online. that in inself is worth something. it helps that he’s 13. would have worked better if he was a 13 year old asian girl. i should get my niece to start blogging.

7. make money fast a free blogger who works hard and is making some real money

8. mikesmoneymakingmission great writer. maybe the best writer out of the bunch. very professional and great ideas and tricks to make money online. the guy is generating income from a number of free blogs. He spends zero money and makes money. pure genius.

9. pacdesco very informative articles

10. moneymakerinfo You would think a major blog would be #1 on google search for make money online, but no. #1 is taken by a free blogspot blog. i don’t personally read it much but it deserves a spot on this list cause he’s #1 on google. Must be doing something right.