Top 10 free traffic sources for beginners

topten.jpgHere’s my list of the top 10 free traffic sources for beginner bloggers. Starting with the best at #1. My site is around 7 weeks old but already i’ve gotten a lot of traffic. My best day has been 366 visits from around 300 unique visitors.

1. Blogcatalog-add friends,join discussions, and visit other blogs. You will see some good referral traffic from blogcatalog.

2. Entrecard-this site is becoming viral. the sooner you join the more credits you can earn.

3. Digitalpoint-get involved with the best webmastering forum.

4. Mybloglog-not as good at blogcatalog but still worth joining.

5. Sitepoint-the second best webmastering forum.

6. Bumpzee-like blogcatalog and mybloglog.

7. Comments-this is the best way to announce yourself to other bloggers and to build relationships.

8. Stumbleupon-this should be ranked higher but i haven’t figured out how to work it. I’ve gotten stumbled twice and both time i got around 100 uniques.

9. Digg-should be ranked higher. just haven’t figured it out like stumbleupon.

10. Visit-Visit other blogs and they will visit yours. Make sure you have blogcatalog and mybloglog so people can know you visited.

11 thoughts on “Top 10 free traffic sources for beginners

  1. Nick

    Hey noob, great post – always believe in comments to help the profile of bloggers.

    Your link to digitalpoint needs a ‘t’ on the end though.

  2. Jordan McClements

    I more or less agree with this list, with one exception…

    I find I am getting more traffic from entrecard than from blogcatalog for roughly the same amount of effort expended (although possibly the entrecard traffic is not as good quality…)

  3. Global WealthCreator

    I like this post… I know what you mean about using stumbleupon and digg, especially stumbleupon… having to download the software is a pain, but Digg is more userfriendly, but from what I hear people are exploiting it by creating “Digg Me” groups, so all the articles on the front page of Digg are no longer the best out there. But its still a great way to get traffic.

  4. bloggernoob

    parttimeblogger-thanks, taking the que from perezhilton an engadget. just keep posting and people will come.


    nick-thanks for the find. i corrected the link.

    jordanmcclements- i’ve read that for some bloggers, entrecard works better. i guess cause my blog is still young, blogcatalog works better.

    globalwealthcreator- yeah i defnately need to focus on stumble and digg.

  5. Karl Erfurt

    Thank you for this list- traffic is definitely something I need to work on. I know about most of these sources except for Entrecard, which I will check out later.

    I have had a few of my pages submitted to StumbleUpon (not by me), but I have not received the kind of traffic that most other people have reported. So far I’ve gotten a whopping total of about 10 hits from there- and that has been since April! Do you happen to know if it helps the Stumble traffic any when you actually download the software and surf through some sites? I have never actually used it before, but if it makes any difference I wouldn’t mind trying it.

  6. the noob Post author

    karl erfurt-i’ve gotten stumbled 3 times. i still haven’t focused on it yet but someone stumbled my blog and three times i’ve received over 100 uniques. i need to focus on this soon. could be a goldmine

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  8. JamesT

    I will be using your list to grow my traffic base. What about other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace? Can those sites be use to get traffic too?


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