Traffic and gambling winnings

trafficandgambling.jpgThere comes a point with every blog where you see a dramatic drop in traffic. That’s just the way it is. This happens to the best and worst of us. When you were averaging 300 uniques a day, it hurts to see it drop to 150 uniques. This hasn’t happened to me yet, knock on wood, but I experienced these down turns early on in my blogging career. It wasn’t a drop from 300 to 150, more like 30 to 15, but it still hurt. What do you do in these situations?

I think the best analogy for this scenario is to look at it like gambling. When you first sit at the blackjack table, you start at a zero balance. If you lose, you get to negative, but if you win, you start upping your winnings. Blog traffic should be viewed as gambling winnings. When you started your blog, you were at a zero. Then you slowly built up your traffic, hit by hit. When you see a drop, don’t beat yourself up. It wasn’t your traffic to begin with. You still have way more then when you started.

I guess this hypothetical doesn’t apply if you bought an existing blog. If you bought cashquests, you’re looking at a big fat negative. But let’s assume that you weren’t the idiot that bought cashquests.

I noticed when I play poker, I let my winnings get me down. I usually start off winning. Then after a certain point, I start getting hit with cold cards. Then I go on tilt cause I get angry at the money I lost. I don’t think about how I’m still winning. I just keep focusing on what I recently lost. Don’t do that! Don’t do that with your blog traffic! If you see a drop in your traffic, work harder. Don’t give yourself another reason to quit blogging. Keep working at it and reason with yourself. Cause the traffic is all winnings. Even when you lose visitors, you are still up compared to when you first started your blog. If you don’t quit and keep pressing, you’ll be back to your high point and climb up even higher.

7 thoughts on “Traffic and gambling winnings

  1. Ben Barden

    I’m currently doing quite well for traffic but I’m not really doing anything different to what I’ve always done; writing good quality content. It’s just that more people are finding me.

    If my readers go away for a bit, there could be plenty of reasons for that. It is definitely a boost if you get good comments, which I do – but if I suffered a major loss of traffic, I would definitely keep blogging.

    One thing I’ve actually noticed is that some people stop blogging for reasons other than losing readers – they just run out of ideas, or don’t have time, or one of a number of other reasons. I don’t understand this at all. Why spend so much effort on building a good number of loyal readers and then just stop blogging? Doh!

  2. Increase Traffic

    There’s no reason for a blogger to quit blogging. Those who give up in blogging just because they’re out of ideas, is such a loser. Imagine..There are so many things we can share. Our life, our experience, everything can be shared. Damn those losers..!!

  3. Chica

    I think the reason why some people lose hope in blogging, is they aren’t getting anything out of , if you aren’t getting anything out of something, then what’s the point? Although about the feed drops, I have a theory. I think blogging is like breathing, we only breathe slightly different air every once in awhile, meaning everyone and their mama be blogging the same stuff as the next, only in s slightly different way. Some folks stand out, some don’t. Hell browsing through Entrecard, I sware I saw the same article on like 10 different blogs, talk about yawn!

  4. Kris

    I’ve started blogging about 5 months ago and my traffic has had its downfalls and some rising. I believe in working hard and being determined. Although I’ve stopped for a month last year due to educational reasons, I’m surprised that my traffic was still growing. Blogging is not really about getting the most traffic but being passionate in what you write, in what you believe in and in what you think would be useful for other bloggers and regular people get from visiting your blog.

  5. the noob Post author

    benbarden- yeah i think a lot of factors go into why someone would stop blogging. probably cause they lose interest. they lose interest cause no body reads the blog. they lose cause it’s not important to them. They quit cause something better comes along. It’s like a hobby or new toy. can get old quick. But if you start getting a lot of readers and get paid for blogging. Most bloggers won’t quit. my personal opinion.

    increasetraffic- well not losers. i think most bloggers are loser. even those who don’t quit. lol. i think i’m a loser most of the time. :) but i think if people keep on blogging, they’ll find a taste for it, this will make them not quit. it helps to make a few dollars on the side.

    masterofseo- i’m having one of these too. but i won’t quit. i still think it’s fun, and i like the extra cash. it pays for my toys. new laptop, iphone etc.

    chica- great analogy. pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said year and years ago. we just change the perspective and details a bit.

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