Traffic from google spiderboy loves batboy issue #69

spiderboybatboy.jpgI’m at a point where i consistently get over 40 daily hits from google search. I’ve worked this blog into the first or second page with search term “make money blog.” I also noticed that i get ultra specific search hits. I did a few posts about comedians and i get a few daily hits on those posts. It’s pretty amazing. I was thinking that i should do more posts that are ultra specific. I think this is one of the keys to search longevity.

With search engines, the title of the post is very important. It’s import to write out a long and detailed post title. So if you post about comic books, don’t just write “comic books” as your title. Write in a specific comic book title in the post title. Write, “spiderboy loves batboy issue #69 comic books” This will most likely get you on the first three pages of google search for a search of that specific comic book.

Labeling pictures is also important. Label all of the images in your post with post specific terms. Above, i labeled the spiderboy and batboy image as spiderboybatboy.

Tags are also important. Insert the desired search term in your tags section of wordpress.

Also, bold your search terms. This not only makes your posts more readable, it helps with the indexing.

If you don’t believe me, do a seach for “spiderboy loves batboy” and you’ll see that my blog is on the first page of google. If you want to test me more, try a search for “spiderboy batboy“, or “spider boy bat boy” Still on the front page. Note– New posts get priority in the search engines so this might not last. But it will be on the first page if this posts is a new post.

I’m still very much a newb blogger. I still need to keep learning this blogging for money game, but i think the key is to keep messing with my blog and i’m sure to get lucky. From my blogging experiences, i’ve learned that you can’t really trust anyone 100 percent. So the best way to learn is to try out a lot of different SEO tricks and see what works best for you and your blog. If you found this post to be useful, subscribe to my RSS feed.

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