Traffic vs Page Rank

shakira has high page rankWhen you have a collection of blogs like i do, you have to think about different monetization strategies. The last google update got me some nice PR on a lot of my other sites. I was super excited. I’ve been reading that google page rank isn’t desired anymore. What a bunch of bull. The people who are saying this are the same idiots who claim to be SEO experts. Don’t believe those guys. Read on to see how you can make money online with google page rank.

Traffic is king. If you want to make money online, you really only need one things, TRAFFIC. If you don’t have traffic, there are still ways to make money online. Of course there is a catch. Your little traffic blog should have some google page rank. If you have a site that doesn’t have PR or traffic, then you should work on building both up. Don’t expect to make money online with a PR0 site that is only visited by you and your moms.

No matter what people say, google page rank is still coveted. People want links from high PR sites. SEO consultants and web marketers buy links from sites with PR. When a new site is about to launch, the webmaster will buy reviews on high PR sites to build up the site.

Selling ads on a site is really easy. It just takes a lot of time. You have to market your ad space. You visit the main forums and offer up your links and reviews. Mention your PR and i’m sure you’ll get some takers. There are a lot of web forums so take you pick. You can also use your PR site to link to your other sites. If you have a collection of PR5, PR4, PR3, and PR2 blogs, you should be using them to grow your new blogs. A link from your PR5 blog will help out a lot in launching a new blog.

If you’re still not convinced about the value of your PR, then hit me up. Leave me a comment with your URL and i might buy a reasonably priced link on your high PR blog. Noob out!

11 thoughts on “Traffic vs Page Rank

  1. Jared Stenzel

    Well there is always my ltngamers blog you could purchase a link on. PR5 and 269,000 Alexa. 600-800 daily visits. $5 a month is reasonable for that amount of traffic…

  2. Jared Stenzel

    $5 is a discount :p I get as much daily traffic as you do and you charge $25 😉 That, and much less than that is basically, no point in selling a link.

    (Your Wii site is still on there)

  3. the noob Post author

    jared- bravo, you’ve managed to make a good point, and advertise your ad space on my blog. good job. Consider it sold. I will email you the details. 😉

  4. Carl

    Noob if you’re talking about some of the discussions over at BlogCatalog then perhaps you should put your reading glasses on. PR is absolutely not important for the majority of bloggers but they gt caught up in chasing PR and then lose interest in their blogs. Most of them aren’t selling anything, and most don’t even want a big audience, but people like you keep telling them pagerank is important.

    However, if someone really is trying to make money off their blog then of course page rank is important, if only because advertisers like to see higher PR sites for their ads. In terms of SERPs, I totally think PR is a spent force and won’t play much of a role by the end of the year. The Google algorithm is getting better and better with every month that passes and a stupid rank between 1 and 10 is hardly the most effective way of determining which page appears at #1. If you really want to make serious money from playing the SERPs these days, hit the long tail with 100 PR0 sites and keyword packed content.

    BTW, if you’re serious about private ads, we can talk about a spot on my site, but not at $5 a month

  5. the noob Post author

    Carl- thanks for you comment. I respect the points you are making. I think pagerank is valuable because people seem to love it. I could honestly care less, but people who buy ads, desire ranks like this. I was making money before pr and i will continue to make money without it. i like your 100 pr0 site example. yeah it’s all about multiple sites. Yes i am interested in private ads. Being the cheapo that i am, i’m looking for something affordable. 😉

  6. Carl

    Hey Noob, I kinda figured you’d get where I was coming from, I’ve got a lot of respect for what you’ve done with this site. Frankly I wish some of my sites would perform as well as this but hey, that’s the joy of being pro blogger, no answering to anyone, I live and eat by my own effort and mistakes. Keep posting about experiences, those of us who can filter out the crap can easily see how you do things.

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