Trying to build loyal readership

loyal.jpgI plan on blogging for the long haul. That’s why i am focused on building a loyal base of readers. I want this blog to grow big enough to provide some decent side income. I don’t think i’ll have to worry that it’ll become a giant make money blog, but i do believe this blog will continue to grow. So far, BloggerNoob dot com’s growth has been happening pretty fast. I get between 300-600 uniques visits a day, depending on what stat counter i’m looking at. This blog’s growth has been fast but rising at a safe pace. I can tell cause my direct hits are increasing in percentage and my repeat visitor count is increasing.

I’m not sure if i’ll ever get a google page rank, but that’s not really a concern for this blog. I’ll just build up PR on one of my other blogs. Since i started off doing paid posting, i’ll continue to do so on bloggernoob dot com. I’ll look to building some private ads to fully monetize this blog.

I will share with you my ideas, stats, and income. I think by showing you, you can get a sense of how you should monetize your blog. I finally convinced my fiancee to start her own blog. She’s usually tired after work to be bothered by such geekism, but after she saw the affiliate checks and paypal payments i’ve been receiving, her interest sky rocketed. I told her a month ago and even showed her my income reports, but that didn’t convince her. She had to see the actual check to really believe it.

I’ve witnessed bloggers selling their blogs and right after the sale, the blog turns to shit. Bloggingfingers was such a promising blog before it sold. The original owner is back to write for it, but not sure if that’ll help much. I’m not a big fan of reading posts done by guest writers. A blog’s character is defined by it’s owner. If the owner isn’t the writer, why should i bother reading it. Cashquest was my favorite blog. That blog opened by eyes to the blogging for money world. After it sold, i have to admit i got a little discouraged. I continued to visit just to check up on it. It’s a damn shame what happened to that blog. The buyer was an idiot! If he just wanted PR, he could have spend about 10 thousand less to get a blog with higher PR and less traffic.

My loyal and few readers! The Noob won’t sell this blog! I won’t ever have guest writers or buy articles to insert into this blog. Hopefully you’ll continue to visit. In case you were wondering what that Chinese character meant….it’s the word LOYAL.

14 thoughts on “Trying to build loyal readership

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    You’ve managed to skyrocket past my figures in awesome speed. According to Google Analytics, my number of visitors (including photo albums and finnish blog) goes between 150-350 visitors/day.
    I probably should start one of those blogging months, where blog maintainer will post one article per day for 30 days period.
    To get back to topic, it would be interesting to hear peoples experiences about how many visitors they needed on their site, before they were able to sell private ad space and what kind of sums they were charging at that point…
    for example if you only get USD 5/month for 125×125, its not really a gold mine, when you could use that same space for Google AdSense and earn same amount or maybe even more through their ads.

  2. Tim Christie

    When you are trying to make money from your blog does loyalty really count?? Loyal readers come to read the posts. I guess its a bit of tunnel syndrome. I visit your blog every few days and I wouldnt even notice if an ad had changed.

    How do you turn loyal readers repeat traffic into an income stream without being rude to them?

  3. ksc7

    I am still in the beginning of my blogging experience. It is unclear to me whether it is better to have a loyal readership or just keep getting new ones, in terms of advertising. I think that new visitors might be more likely to pursue advertising links. Loyal readers come to the blog to read it, not to move on.
    In the long term though, having loyal readers might make sense because of back links, posting comments and so on… What is the desired ratio? New versus returning?

  4. the noob Post author

    juha- excellent comment. i too am curious about ad price to adsense earning ratio. i don’t like adsense so i’ll never know. but if you ever write about this, let me know.

    tim christie- i guess it doesn’t as far as affiliate links, but blog loyalty counts for when you want to sell private ads.

    theatypical- thanks dog

    ksc7- another great comment. im still figuring out that myself. i think loyalty helps for selling private ads, but having new visitors is probably better to affiliate marketing and referral links. not sure what the desired ration would be. but right now, i’m at around 70% of my visitors being new. probably cause it’s a new/ young blog. i think as it grows, i’d want it to be closer to 50%. not sure yet tho. i’ll write about my thoughts when i get a better picture

  5. ksc7

    I get about 75% new visitors as well.
    When did you allow visitors to post comments?
    I am approaching the 100 unique hits a day mark, i was thinking to allow comments when I get 100 hits daily consistently for a week. What is your take on this?

  6. the noob Post author

    ksc7- i opened up comments from day one. i didn’t get comments until i got some visitors tho. if you get 100 uniques visitors a day, you should open up your comments. people will start commenting.

  7. noob's fiance

    yea. i just started my blog too. because noob got a check with actually money on it….
    very impressive. u r doing great. a lot of people are comments on ur post… i envy u.
    i don’t have any visitor yet. -.-
    but i will follow u….i can do that too…
    thank you for all the info….
    good luck! u r my future….^^

  8. the noob Post author

    noob’s fiance- awww. thanks future wife. you are so sweet. i didn’t know you read my blog…good thing this is a make money blog, not

  9. witchypoo

    Hahaha! Loved the sweet talk with the fiancee.
    Now I have a suggestion for you if you wish to encourage commenting. Go to Andy Bailey’s site home of the fabulous CommentLuv plugin, and download that puppy. It parses the feed of the commenter, and posts a link to their latest post. My readers love it!

  10. Allyn Paul

    So let’s see the Noob’s fiance’s blog eh? (Noob, tell her I’m a regular guy and notta stalker LOL)
    Also, to the guy who said he does not look at Noob’s ads: I have actually done several transactions here. I got my hosting through Noob and have applied to some of the affiliates, why? because I trust the Noob who helps me grow Boobs, that’s why, and I am also a loyal reader.
    Also, loyal readers will link to your posts … I have linked to Noob a few times and my blog is about lawn care. Aren’t links important to all of us?
    Loyal readers are loyal customers.

  11. noob's fiance.

    oh my god…allyn paul….u r going to check on my blog? ^^ that will be first visitor…
    beside of bloggnoob ( of cource i forcing him to read) that mades me happy… i guess that make people do their blog more and more, better and better….
    fobgirl is more personal blog….i have another one which is more specific field blog which is designbycha. ^^
    but thank you for visiting (if u did, or u will)

  12. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- i wasn’t sweeting talking with my fiancee…*blushing*. this is how we normally talk!

    allynpaul- she’s a fob. i want her to practice her english with this blog. she’s funny.. look you got her all happy by visiting her blog!

    noob’s fiancee- don’t be flirting with allyn future wife!

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