I first found tylercruz dot com doing some poker searches on the internet. He owns the site pokerforums dot org. He’s a young guy making a living as an internet entrepreneur. I read his abouts page and was amazed that money making on the internet was possible. During this time i searched a lot of sites like johnchow and cashquests and knew that there really were people making money online. I go to doshdosh for monetizing strategy and johnchow just cause thats where every body goes. I used to hit up cashquests until she sold her site. I go to johncow for entertainment and shoemoney to look at the pictures of the google check. I go to tylercruz for poker and starcraft. Being a fan of both games, i like reading about his random bablings about his latest tournament victory or playing sc for money. I don’t like that a lot of his posts are written by guest bloggers, and i don’t like the fact that you have to login to post a comment on his blog.(he updated his blog so that you don’t have to login to comment now) Tyler also has a movie website. How can you not like a guy who loves poker, starcraft, and movies. If you’ve never visited his site i recommend you click to the flash video he made. The music is pretty cool and his story is worth checking out.

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