Types of emails

email.jpgEmail is a great tool when monetizing your blog. I receive all sorts of emails from various webmasters. The ones that catch my eye are the ones that are honest. If it looks like a sales pitch, im going to put it in my spam folder.

If the emails don’t address me, i assume the emails are spam. If it starts with “Dear Blogger,” i usually give it the boot. But if someone emails me with, Dear Noob, or Dear Bloggernoob, i read on.

After the greeting, i look for certain ques. If the emails are ambigious, it’s probably spam. If you don’t understand what the email is about, don’t try to fingure it out. It’s probably spam. If the emails makes you clicks a link, avoid it at all cost. Never click on clicks included in emails. It could give you a phishing scare.

Think about the type of emails you receive. Then think about what makes you continue reading those emails. Write emails that you would want to read. Be honest about your intentions. If you are hitting people up to sell ads or get free stuff, let them know. Don’t dance around the topic. Be direct and you should receive better a response. Don’t beg and don’t kiss ass. I know we are lowly bloggers, but let’s have a little pride guys. No need for begging.

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