university for the nouveau riche

I am and always will be a real estate man. I started off in this game with real estate, and i will finish with real estate. Even in today’s troubled times, i believe that real estate is the best type of investment. I think that during these types of times, a lot of smart investors make a lot of money. If you have a lot of cash to invest, you can spot a lot of great deals. I am currently working on a deal with two investors for a multi unit building. Even a year ago, the property has a listing price of about 3 million dollars. But now, i think that we can get the property for about $1.7 million. If i am able to close the deal on this property, i’ve already made about $1.3 million dollars. The piece of property will go back to the original 3 million dollar price tag. The property is in Los Angeles. As soon as the economy picks up, the property will be hot again. If you have ever thought about investing in real estate, you should check out the web site over at market watch dot com. You can learn about the Nouveau Riche University and all that it has to offer. These Nouveau Riche University are designed to help you gain a better understanding about real estate investments. Do the research and study the class that Nouveau Riche University has to offer. You should be able to make some nice investments by doing that.

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  1. Olson

    If you get that deal done and are looking for another one I’ve got some really sweet stuff on the table I’m looking at this month, progressive one year returns plus a long term diverse portfolio.

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