Update your plugins

jill.jpgYou probably know that it’s a good idea to update your version of wordpress to the most current one. But it’s important to update your plugins as well. I had problems a while back when i didn’t update my plugins.

My site or blog didn’t crash on me, but i noticed some odd things happening. I would get logged off for no reason. I would spend time on a blog post, or a reply to a comment and i would lose it. It was very annoying. The best way to keep your blog safe, secure, and not buggy is to update everything. Update each and every one of your plugins to the current release. It’s also a good idea to save copies of your website. You never know what will happen.

4 thoughts on “Update your plugins

  1. the noob Post author

    forest- yeah, i would check to see if your plugins are updated or not. If it’s still buggy, then it might be your wordpress theme.

  2. Ben Barden

    Of course this makes the assumption that your readers use WordPress. 😉 But it’s a good idea to stay updated regardless of the platform you use, so I guess I’ll let you off. 😛

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