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wordpress.jpgI’m not very good when it comes to coding or programming. I’m a noob blogger. How am i supposed to write great articles and mess with comp languages at the same time. I don’t even wanna bother with updated my wordpress either. Leave that to your hosting provider. You don’t even need to pay anyone to do this. You don’t have to look around forum threads to find the answers your looking for.

If you are on your own shared hosting, you can call customer service. You pay them good money, might as well get some free help out of it. I’ve talked to a few noob bloggers about getting hosting support. I was amazed to discover that they’ve never ever called their hosting provider. That’s just preposterous. Pick up the phone and get some help noobies.

WordPress is the best blogging platform cause of frequent updates. This ensures a stable and secure blogging experience. One major draw back for the newb blogger is the fact that they don’t know how to update. The answer? Call your hosting provider. Call them up and tell them you want them to install the latest version of wordpress. Web hosts that include fantastico make it easy on bloggers to start blogging, but fantastico usually doesn’t have the latest versions. No worries. It’ll take a few mins of waiting on the phone, but you’ll be up and running with your updated version in no time if you call your hosting provider.

The latest version is 2.3.2. if you have the older version, make sure you upgrade ASAP. If you’re not on your own hosting yet, rectify that situation now!

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