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collins_picgif.gifI had to start a blog to realize how sucky internet explorer was. Years ago, i read articles about the browser wars. Back then, techies were in a uproar cause IE was preinstalled on windows. They were ranting and raving about this issue. The dorks(webmasters) were supporting netscape. After reading the article, i installed netscape and tried it out. Didn’t like it.

So i stayed with IE for almost a decade. I didn’t have any issues with it. I liked all of the functions and i even liked the yahoo toolbar. I was such a noob. After i started bloggernoob, i realized how faulty and slow IE was. Some of my websites were coming out all weird. Internet forums suggested using firefox so i installed it. I checked the same sites and they were fine. No border or images issues. Then i started adding on some cool plugins and toolbars for firefox. I was hooked. Modzilla has all the tools you need to run multiple websites. You can check all the rankings of the sites you visit. You can safely store all of your passwords.

If you run a blog and still use internet explorer, you have to first examine your head, then make the switch. IE is for losers. It’s for noobs. Firefox will make your webmastering easier and faster. You’ll save time. You can check your stats and login to various affiliate sites without entering your login info. Just set your master password and you’re good to go.

You can add browser extentions. SeoQuake will help you check all the stats of any site you visit. Google PR, alexa, technorati, digg, delicious, everything. Adblock Plus will block most of the ads of the sites you visit. This will cut the load time and make for an ad free web experience. If you’re sick and tired of all the useless flashing ads on your favorite sites, you should get this extension. All you have to do is install and activate the plugin.

If you’re not familiar with firefox or if you need more cool extensions, leave me a comment and i’ll refer you to some more.

You should still make sure that your site checks with IE. Most people still use IE. Until other noobs learn how sucky internet explorer is, we’ll have to continue to make our sites IE compatible. But that doesn’t mean that you have to browse the internet on a clunker.

12 thoughts on “Using the right browser

  1. witchypoo

    I have been using Firefox since it first came out. Since before IE7 copied its beautiful tabbed browsing. I love the web developer toolbar. If I have a problem with my CSS, I can usually pinpoint it on the toolbar. Developers code for Firefox, which is compliant, then they add on to make the hideous IE work. If it works in IE and not in Firefox, the code is wrong.

  2. the noob Post author

    meomee- i don’t mind. thanks for the link. and yea, you should use firefox.

    witchypoo- yup yup. im jealous, i wish i was as good with css as you are. how did the pmp aution go for ya? it’s actually a good media player. it would be nice for trips and such. and i’ve included movies and music already. did u at least watch a few?

  3. Jared Stenzel

    Also (man you need the ability to edit comments for like 90 seconds after they are posted) you should have plugged in a fire fox affiliate link here 😉

  4. layman

    There is also another new browser, Flock, that claims to be social browser. Well, I can say it is because it has an adjustable column on the left that stores your login id and passowrd to site like facebook, wordpress, gmail, youtube and the rest. It is like Mozzila but a social Mozilla.

  5. the noob Post author

    jared- nice article, i found one that i never heard of. thanks. yeah, you’ve done multiple comments a couple of times on my blog. find me a plugin and i’ll try to put it up after i come back from my honeymoon. thanks jared.

    layman- never hard of flock, will check it out tho. i personally am not a fan of social networking sites, but i do realize the potential to drive traffic from them. and i know that everybody else is crazy about them. nice find layman. :)

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