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If you have an account on youtube you may already know that vblogging has become quite popular the past couple of years. Not alot of bloggers are expoiting the possibilities of vblogging to make some extra cash. the benefits of vblogging is obvious, first off it is unique to blogging. I think only problogger uses vblogging so far. I know shoemoney has a show but its not quite vblogging. Second, it caters to the lazy reader. Let’s face it most people don’t like to read.

What is vblogging? Its basically a blog post done on video. Its a performance. If you have a great voice and a nice look, i think vblogging can definately make your blog most popular. If you are a female blogger, even better cause most bloggers are male.

When to avoid vblogging. If you are not very attractive or if you sound like bad episode of American Idol. This could hurt your brand of blogging.

If you are funny you can take advantage of that to make your blog that much more interesting. Humor is such a valuable asset especially when your selling clicks. If your blog has great content but its not very funny, then it becomes a hard read. Vblogging lets your reader experience 100 percent of your jokes. Humor is 10 percent content and 90% delivery. Its much easier to connect your readers to your blog if they can see your facial expressions and hear your tone of voice.

Is vblogging hard to do? Nope. even a noob can do it. Basically you record yourself with a camcorder or webcam and change the video file to a flash video file. Then you put it up on your post.

The technical past. Assuming that you already downloaded the flash video player, lets beging. You need a flash video encoder. You can download a free one here and follow the simple instructions to convert the file to flv.

Now see my past post on putting flash video into your post.

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