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iriverpmp.jpgMy iriver PMP contest is now over. The people who entered submitted some nice reviews of this make money blog. I had trouble choosing the winner so i was thinking maybe you could help me decide. I like to be democratic. Out of all the reviews submitted, i selected four that i liked best. Thanks to everyone who entered. Anyway. Here are the links to the reviews. Help me choose and vote for who you think wrote the best review of my make money blog.

Contestant 1

Contestant 2

Contestant 3

Contestant 4

Vote for the winner


15 thoughts on “Vote for the iriver PMP Winner

  1. the noob Post author

    chica- his reviews was great. i actually like all four i put up there. couldn’t choose so i turned it into a vote. metabloggingsecrets did a great job too

  2. the noob Post author

    narendra- i made an edit on the post. i received like 14 reviews and i looked through all of them. Out of them, i selected four for this vote.

  3. the noob Post author

    narendra and sinporium- i think you guys did nice reviews. it really was hard to decide. making the top four list was my opinion. doesn’t mean your reviews weren’t good. I’m just a noob anyway. what do i know. :) :(

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  5. Old Knudsen

    Make Money Blog has a creepy wee baby at the top however it does have pictures of hot weemen standing in front of drink and George Clooney who may or may not be a pagan old of old. I do not blog to make money I blog to look at hot weemen, this blog gets two thumbs up.

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