Wake up and find that you made money online

waking up to keiraRecently, i’ve been waking up to some delightful emails. I get more and more emails about private ad sales. It’s probably cause i’ve started selling packaged links. I have a lot of websites that have PR. Because i know that people want to buy links, i send a lot of email to other webmasters. I price my links at a reasonable price so a lot of web admins take me up on my offer. Who wouldn’t want to buy some cheap links on like 25 sites. It beats going through a middle man like payperpost or bidvertiser. You guys already know that i’m an advocate of multiple sites. Unless you have a killer main site, it really is the only way to make some real money online.

When you have a lot of sites, you can group them together when you’re selling private ads. It’s an easier sell. It’s rare that a business or a webmaster will fork over $5 or $10 for a link on one of you blogs. But if you have 10 blogs, i think web masters will be more willing to buy a package deal at a discount. Link building is time consuming. People want to buy a lot of links. If you can offer that to them, you can probably sell your ads. I’ve been doing this recently with a lot of success. Today, i woke up with three emails requesting purchase. I sold $150 worth of ads this morning and i didn’t start working on my blogs yet. Private ads are great because you don’t have to do much work. Just copy and paste the link. It a lot easier and better then selling reviews. It’s a good feeling to wake up and find that you made money online.

The ads were not on bloggernoob. I think cause bloggernoob was my first blog, i think to keep this baby floating independently. I also consider bloggernoob my baby. It really openned my eyes to the possibility of online revenue. When you start setting up more websites, try to mix and match. Don’t set up the same type of site. Don’t just set up blogs. Try to mix in different types of sites. Trust me, you will find that it gets easier to monetize when you have a variety of sites for which to make money online.

3 thoughts on “Wake up and find that you made money online

  1. Catherine

    How do you get pagerank though. I’m standing at about 5200 via socialspark.com

  2. Forest Parks

    That is great news!!

    What kind of niches do your sites serve?

    I sold some links for $150 the other day on one site and didn’t even ask anyone, I was contacted directly.

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