Wasting time and not making money online

kate hudson makes money onlineI think we all do this. Even seasoned veterans of the make money online game do this on a regular basis. We all waste time when we could be doing something more productive. If you want to monetize a blog or any other type of website, you should be building links. You should be networking and marketing. You shouldn’t focus your valuable attention on silly matters.

Some of you may have mixed feelings about this issue. Sometimes, it’s good to relax and indulge in your online pleasures. If you enjoy watching stupid clips on youtube, you should do it. If you spend hours on myspace or facebook, you should do it. But, if you really want to make money online, you should control the amount of time you spend on such time wasters. It’s become more clear to me that making money online is about discipline. It takes military like discipline to constantly set up new websites. It takes a lot of time updating your blogs. It can take hours upon hours to admin your collection of websites.

If you want to work your way to full time income with you websites, you have to treat it like a full time business. You have to set hours and you have to manage yourself. Being your own boss can be hard. There isn’t anyone hovering above you to make sure you’re working. The onus is on you and you alone. I ran three successful businesses before i started anything online. I was able to grow it and be disciplined. But when i started my websites, it was a different story. I think it had to do with always being in front of my computer. It had to do with me working from my home. But after i got used to it, i was able to monitor myself.

You really need to develop this skill if you want to see some online cash. It gets easier when you start seeing some real cash come in. If you haven’t made any money online, then it becomes really hard. Things seem hopeless and useless. You can’t motivate yourself when you don’t see any return.

That’s why i like advise you guys to take on a realistic approach. When you start off, you won’t make anything. And after a few months, you might be making a few quarters more. It might not be what most of you expect. But, if you keep at it and get better, you will see growth. You income will rise as well as your confidence. Before you get your sites going, you should set realistic goals. You should work towards achieving mini milestones. A major milestone for me was when i first made a hundred dollars with this blog. My first 5 dollar payment was sweet, but my first 100 check was unbelieable. It seemed like real money. It was something that made me think about websites more seriously. If a hundred dollars can be made, that means a thousand is possible as well. And if a thousand is possible, 10k, 100k, you get the idea.

Don’t get discouraged and look down on your websites. Respect your websites. Treat it like a real business. If you haven’t made a cent yet, then work to make 5 dollars first. Then, try to hit that mark a few more times. Then you work your way up. I will use another poker analogy here. When you play poker, you want to set money goals for youself. If your skill level is $4-$8, then you have no business playing on a $20-$40 table. If you can only buy in to a $100 game, then don’t dream of $10,000 riches.

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