way to get new visitors

Anyone starting a new blog knows within the first couple weeks how hard it is to attract new visitors. The reason is nobody knows you exist. the blog is just another blog among millions. How you do get noticed when your’e just starting out? Its not easy but you try things.

post comments on other blogs in your niche. i started doing this a few days ago and it generated a few clicks my way

reach out to other bloggers. join communities, social networking sites, mybloglog etc. this puts your blog in view of other people trying to grow their blogs

post in forums. i haven’t received traffic via digitalpoint yet but im still waiting for my account to clear. we’ll see how this goes in the next week.

keep writing posts. i know its hard to write when noone is reading but just keep writing. that way you get indexed by search engines. this lead to the possibilty of new visitors.

share with me your tactics. just interested in the beginnning stages tho. Its hard to find information when you’re a complete novice.

2 thoughts on “way to get new visitors

  1. Renee

    1M hits? Please post some of your vids here. Love the cross-eyed baby. Yep, I’m following your tactics, it’s just one baby step forward at a time. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability: it’s rare.

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