We’re internet marketers not internet beggers.

cunt.jpgLet’s have some pride my fellow internet marketers. Eww, i hate that label. Let me rephrase. Let’s have some pride my fellow internet money whores. Naw that doesn’t work either. Don’t want to offend anyone with the W word. Cunts? Naw. Although johncow did get a lot of people on his site with that word…cunt. Even the problogger left a disgusted comment. It was pretty cool. I’d loved to receive a hate comment from Darren. It’s only a word. And it’s actually a beautiful word. Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman used to call each other cunts on the set of Closer. That’s fact ladies and gentlemen. I saw it on E! entertainment television. If Julia and Natalie can make blinged out necklaces with the word cunt and give it to each other as presents, i think i can say it on my blog.

Let me get back to my original rant.

My fellow Noobs lets not resort to begging. I see bloggers doing this all the time. Even the big guns. Let’s not disguise our begging with contests where the prize is a useless ebook. I don’t want to win a make money ebook by writing about you and subscribing to your RSS reader. That’s just way too much work. I don’t want to win some random forex book either. I’ll never read that shit. BloggerNoob can’t read. But bloggernoob plans on learning how to read, just don’t pressure me, bloggernoob needs space.

I know make money blogs are there to try to make money. But begging to do it, is not fun. It’s rather sad and it won’t work. Let’s not beg to sell something, but rather make the reader beg us to sell it. That’s marketing isn’t it? Creating a need for something useless. If we do our job right, we’ll have people begging us to join our service.

Ok…so how do we do this? Beats me, i’m still learning here. I actually don’t know much about making money online. Why did i start a make money online blog if i don’t know how to make money online? Very astute question. Well, i read problogger, shoemoney, and johnchow before i started this blog. And they didn’t really teach the specifics either. So i figured i could do that. Maybe i’ll get lucky and get some clicks.

Reading this blog or any other make money blog, won’t make money for you. Subscribing to my RSS feed or any other blog feed won’t make you any money. It probably won’t even teach you much either. Cause honestly, do you think the big secrets will be shared? Nope. Never.

If you want to make money online with you blog, you probably should work on your blog. Keep writing stuff on your blog. Use logic. Research affiliates and try them out and see what works for you.

You won’t make money by subscribing to my RSS feed, but it will enlarge your penis or boobies. That’s a fact! I saw it on E! entertainment television.

10 thoughts on “We’re internet marketers not internet beggers.

  1. Chica

    But, but, I don’t want bigger boobies! lol

    I don’t usualy subscribe to people, I just bookmark them or link them to my blog, so I can check in when I can. I used to use google reader, but had way to many feeds to read, so I don’t bother anymore. :)

  2. Blogtommy

    Hilarious s$#$% noob. I’ll be subscribing right after posting here. Thanks for adding me to your friends list too! Unfortunately it does seem to be my boobies and not…..errr…. growing lately….Maybe they sent me the wrong stuff?


  3. Tim Christie

    Might have to rename you the boobnoob hey!

    Very smart article though noob should get heaps of hits seeing as porn gets such a huge traffic ranking these days. There you go I just gave you another search keyword to give extra hits. Porn is a great keyword. Might not give you the right traffic you are after but will get you lots of hits to boost your ad rates. Glad I could help!

    The secret to making money online my friend is……. ermmm… I dont know but when I do I will let you know. There must be an easy way for sure.

  4. the noob Post author

    thanks guys for thinking me funny. i was hopeing no one would get offended by the whore and cunt words. you guys are cool. some of the women mentioned that they don’t want bigger boobies but none of the guys said anything about their penis. Hmm…i guess all the guys want a bigger penis. i know i do.

  5. kmcgra

    This is great advice, funny but so true. Just remember, “Content is KING!” …no need to beg, just build it right and they will come!

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