What do you want in a blog

make money online with iphone pianoI recently unlocked my iphone. I went through with the jailbreak and have installed a lot of third party extensions. It took me a long time to find the answers i was looking for. I even avoided a few scams on ebay that wanted me to pay to unlock my iphone. During my search to unlock my iphone, i found a lot of helpful blogs that guided the way. But, all of these blogs had a lot of missing elements. I have set up my own iphone blog to answer the questions i had before i unlocked my iphone. When you’re starting a new blog, you should ask yourself “What do i want from this blog?” You should consider the people who might not be so tech savvy. Write for noobs. Include detailed instructions and tutorials. Includes photos and screenshots. By doing so, you will make more money online.

When your site is helpful, your visitors will be more inclined to link to your post. They will also be more likely to visit again. Your future posts will receive more comments and questions. Once the links start coming in, your site will be viewed as an authority and google will surely take notice. Writing a lot of meaningless posts can be good in the early stages to get more pages indexed by search engines, but to truly grow a blog, you need quality posts. You need to write posts that people can understand so they can reference you blog in their posts.

Bloggernoob dot com has a lot of posts. I mainly write so many because i do a lot of paid plugs. But, i have fiddled with blogs where i only wrote a few quality posts. In the beginning, they were not getting the attention i thought they deserved, but now, they are slowly starting to bring in some passive adsense clicks. I don’t have to update those blogs that often. They are now pretty much run on auto pilot.

The best way to set up an income generating blog is by setting up a quality blog. Set up a blog that is easy to understand. Opt to write posts that are quick to the point and helpful. Basically, write blogs that even you would read. Find out what it is exactly that you would want in a blog and write it.

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