What ever happened to the blogger movie?

xeni from boing boing is hotI remember that there was some talk about a blogger movie. I even wrote a small filler post about it. I remember thinking that the guy making the movie seemed like a total weasel. Was he even a filmmaker? No wonder the project isn’t taking off. I’m a big fan of documentaries. I think i watch one every week. Because a lot of my recent focus is online, i try to seek out and watch all internet related movies and documentaries. I think the idea of a blogger movie is good. But, i wish it was more serious. I wish that some serious film makers would tackle this subject.

How much would it cost to make a blogger movie? One of my favorite docu/mockumentaries is called “20 dates” If i was to make a blogger docu, i’d model it after that and “startup.com” and “e-dreams.” The budget wouldn’t have to be that high. $50,000 should cover the cost of all the traveling and equipment. I’m sure that you could hire a lot of film students to help with the production and i think A list bloggers would be willing to do it for free.

You’d have to hit up the big time players. I’m not talking about johnchow or darren either. I’m talking about the guys that set up boingboing(xeni-she’s hot) and techcrunch. They have mass appeal and their lives are interesting. Put some sex in it too. Interview a lot of hot mommy bloggers. Interview the youtube vbloggers. I wanna know more about the tech blogger who set up engadget and gizmodo. (he sold those blogs for over 10 million to AOL) Get perez hilton on the line and put a couple celebrities in there too. Interview the guy from “stand by me” and “startrek.”

Shoot. Anyone want to give me 50 grand to make this film. I’ll do it! I did make a lego clip that got almost 2 million hits. *wink*