What have you done for me lately?

janet.jpgThe post title is the title of one of my favorite Janet Jackson songs. I think it’s the attitude that most bloggers have. When someone requests something from you, you probably ask yourself this question. You might even ask the blogger this question. If Jesus, was a blogger, he probably wouldn’t. I wrote about being like Jesus in one of my older posts. WWJB, what would Jesus blog. It’s hard for my blog to do good in the world. My main purpose is to make a few bucks with this wordpress blog. I don’t think Jesus would try to squeeze 10 dollars our of a post. I feel so shame sometimes. But then i get over it real quick. Probably cause i have no soul. Anyway, what my point. let me think….

When you give link love to someone, don’t expect it in return. It’s kinda petty. I get emails from bloggers who have reviewed my blog. They tell me that they wrote a review of my blog and request that i review theirs. I appreciate that they took time to review my blog, but i don’t want to review blogs. Only if i get paid for it. Only if i like the blog. If i like the blog, shoot, i do it for free. And i don’t expect it to be reciprocated. I didn’t ask them to review so they shouldn’t ask me.

I try to leave useful comments on other peoples blogs. I punch in my email trusting that it won’t be used to spam. But i’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers spam me. They announce the contests they are running, or a new post they wrote. Please don’t do that bloggers! You know who you are! Makes me not want to comment on your blog. Makes me not want to read your blog.

It’s sort of like asking for tip. Do you feel like giving a fat tip to a waitress, if the waitress asks for it? NOPE. I was in a cab in downtown chicago. I got out on dearborn and the fare came out to $4.25. I gave him a $5 bill and was about to walk when the guy said, “you’re not going to tip?” I said, “i gave you a five” he called me a cheap person. WTF. This one time, i was in vegas playing bj. I won a big doubledown and started betting red chips for the dealer. The shoe caught on fire and i must have made like 9 thousand dollars. I think the five dollar tips i was betting for the dealer added up to like 300 dollars. Not bad for like 15 mins of dealing. The mood was great and it was hot. New dealer comes in and starts busting people left and right. I start lowering my bets and i go down a few thousand dollars. I decide i’m going to leave after three bets and i win three hands in a row. Then i color up and as i was about to leave the table the new dealer has the audacity to say i should tip him. WTF. These two stories are some extreme reason on why you shouldn’t be a “what have you done for me lately?” blogger.

6 thoughts on “What have you done for me lately?

  1. Raven

    Damn, now he tells me. There go all my dreams of Noob making me reach the big time by his word as master of the making of money via blogging. What am I going to do with all my plans, dreams, and all those hopes to keep commenting on his blog for the pure enjoyment of doing it? I think I need to seek some professional help, or at least take advantage of my prescription plan to ease the pain. Thanks for being the biggest disappoint in my life Noob. God! It’s like your doing this for the money or something. 😉

    Noob, after taking this time out of my life I expect some comment in return, and a review of my blog and for you to pay the cost of any adjustments you suggests.

    All kidding aside I just wanted to comment and share some sarcasm with you. I don’t expect anything from you Noob, unless I win a contest, but I’m not holding my breath on that either.

  2. Nick - road2blogging

    Really frustrates me too when I go to a restaurant and waiters ‘expect’ a tip for really crap service. I agree with you noob, that we all need to be a little bit more aware of each other and share the ‘wealth’ (I don’t mean in monetary terms) – emailing each other and promoting one another’s sites every now and then.

  3. witchypoo

    I won twenty bucks in one of your contests. That makes you a-ok by me. Your posts are fun to read as well. I confess I rarely read the sponsored posts, but the other ones are good.

  4. Tommy

    I can see both sides of this issue. I don’t particularly mean that one should ask for tips but on the other side of the coin, when tipped, don’t you expect some kind of thank-you? I mean lots of bloggers out here get smoke blown up their azzes everyday and say and/or do nothing in return. It’s a two way street. If you’re selfish it will come through much like if you’re cheap. Yeah asking for link love or return comments is lame and spamming is well, illegal, but in my business I generally always thank folks who do right by me and don’t blow em off…cuz if I do I lose em forever. Food 4 thought perhaps?


  5. the noob Post author

    raven- haha. raven u crack me up. you’ve been very encouraging and provide solid comments. you’ve been a reader since the early stages, i really appreciate that. and you’ve never spammed me :)

    nick- i think comments work better then email. maybe cause i get so much spam. helping each other consists of scartching each other back, but if someone scratches first, you shouldn’t assumed u’ll get yours scratched. just write solid content and let it happen organically. don’t force it.

    witchypoo- i honestly don’t want any of my regular visitors to read my sponsored posts. i just do it to whore this blog for some money.

    tommy- great point. i think the little guys should help each other to reach the next level. it’s just annoying to get spam. i’ll try not to kiss anyone’s arse, but if i have forced to gunpoint, i’ll would rather it be a smaller blog then a big one.

  6. ria

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