What i found at Borders

30bloggers.jpgI was doing some late Christmas shopping last night and i dropped by Borders to pick up a few books and magazines. I found a book filled with 30 blogger interviews. It was called, blogging heros. Most of the featured bloggers were big names but i remember one in particular. Mr gary lee. This blogger jumped out at me cause i know this blog. It’s a small to medium size blog. I was facinated at why he was in this book. I read the whole interview and discovered that he got himself to the top 100 of technorati in 6 months. He was one of the first guys to start a link train or something i guess. I felt so inspired and motivated. If this guy could get to the top 100, then i have a good shot of doing the same. I felt this sense of confidence in myself and this blog. I think as long as i keep on with it, i could turn this blog into something special.

Make money blogs are not necessarily about making money. You can only write so much about this topic. It’s actually pretty basic. Join affiliate links. Grow traffic. Sell ads. Write content. Right? It ain’t rocket science.

Make money blogs are about motivation. It’s about getting the creative juices flowing. Make money blogs are about inspiration. Bloggers already know how to monetize their blogs. Most of them know the basics. I just need to pump you guys up. I’m like Tony Robbins or Chris Farley. “Don’t give up on making money with your blog, or you’ll end up living in a van down by the river!”

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad while i was a freshman in college. I read that book in one sitting. I liked that book because it was such an easy read. But thinking about it, that book was pretty useless. Well, not completely, but it didn’t have any real advice. It didn’t teach me anything i didn’t already know. But it get me motivated. I think make money blogs are the same. It doesn’t teach you anything you don’t already know. I never read a single article on Johnchow or Shoemoney, and thought….”wow, i didn’t know that.”

Bloggernoob will become a successful blog. It will as long as i don’t give up on this project. As time passes, this blog will have more posts, and keep growing in stats. Traffic will rise and so will the income. I will keep reporting the progress and maybe i could make a few grand a month. That’s the goal with bloggernoob and it’s a realistic goal.

If this blog can do this, then you’re blog could too. Just like what i read at Borders. If gary lee can make it in some published book about blogging. Maybe i could too. Maybe you could too. Keep this in mind when you get frustrated and think about quiting your blog.

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