What i learned during my first month of blogging

moon.jpgBlogging is an fun and highly addictive. I realized that getting your own unique theme is crucial. Even if you don’t want to spend money on a new theme, you should at least customize a free one. Here is a list of things i learned.

Email other bloggers. scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours. help each other out.

Visit and comment. for announcement and for interactions. if you comment on someone elses blog they are more willing to comment on yours. visit others and they will too.

Join mybloglog and blogcatalog and other sites like it. it leaves your footprint. So they can easily come check our your site. improved branding cause your logo or pic is shown. makes sure you set up your logo and pics.

Don’t over do ads. I have a lot of ads but i targeted it. After fiddling around i know what ads work on my site. you have to try things out and quickly remove ads that aren’t performing. waste of valuable ad space. remove ads that take a long time to load. When i visit a site and my browser is still loading after 2 or 3 seconds, i leave. Don’t let this happen with your blog.

Be nice. When someone emails you, try to response fast. It tells them you are considerate and professional. Someone comments on your post, respond to their comment. Makes it a more personal experience for your readers.

Have a contact and subscriber link in the top of your site. Make it easy for them to contact you or subscribe to your feed.

Don’t use tricks. This means, popups, sneaky signup links, etc. If i encounter a few of these during a visit to a site, i leave and never return. and think about it…popups don’t even work on porn sites, why would it work on yours.

Be honest with your readers. Be realistic. Don’t fake your stats or income. You can create some buzz with a faked screenshot of your earnings but if word gets out that you are a fake, your site is done. It’s not worth it if you plan on longevity. If you’re not honest, your readers will pick up on it. Mention your mistakes and stupidity. They will respect you for it and it makes for a more interesting read. It’s like dialogue in a movie. The more aqward, goofy, and weird it is, the more convincing.

Final advice. Try new things. We’re dealing with the fickle internet and the technology associated with it. Every day something new springs up. If you are one of the first people to report or join, most likely you can make some nice cash.

Im not expert but these a few of the things i learned during my first month. Maybe it can help you out. If you have other suggestions, i encourage you to let me know. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “What i learned during my first month of blogging

  1. Karl Erfurt

    These are some good tips. I still need to do some of these things, such as putting in a contact page and an opt-in form that will allow me to start building a list for future marketing potential.

    I know that I need to get out there and comment on other blogs more in order to tap into more traffic sources. I’m still taking too long to research article topics, figure out what to write about, do the keyword research, tweak the SEO, etc.

    Somehow I have to find more time for off-site promotion and link building if I’m ever going to make any serious money with my beloved blog. One thing that I’ve learned for sure is that there is definitely a lot more to blogging than just writing posts and publishing!

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