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nick cannon\'s sugar mommaMy blogging routine is probably different from most of you. It’s cause i’ve built up my blog to a certain level. My blog is over 6 months old and i consistently get over 300 hits a day. It’s not a lot, but it’s still something. It took me a while to get to this point. When you’re starting a blog, you have to put in a lot of time and energy. If you want to make money online, you’ll need to put in the extra hours during the early stages. Heres what make money online noobs should do to start making money with their blog.

You should start you blogging session with a post. It doesn’t have to be a great post. Just posting something up for the sake of posting something up is good enough. After you publish your post, you should login to blogcatalog and add 30 friends. Just keep clicking on random avatars and add them as a friend. Then, start a thread on blogcatalog discussions. Try to make it interesting. Include a link to one of relavant posts in that thread.

Next, login to mybloglog. Do the same thing as you did on blogcatalog. I think mybloglog only lets you add 10 friends a day.

Login to entrecard. Approve ads and buy ads from the new entrecard blogs. The ads are cheap so you can probably purchase a lot of ads. Then, start dropping off cards. Click and drop and click and drop. While you’re dropping, leave a comment on a few of the blogs. Leave comments on posts that don’t have any comments. This almost guarantees a hit from that blogger. Keep dropping and leaving comments. Do enough of that, and you’ll start seeing hits and comments left on your blog.

Login to digitalpoint and start a new thread. Leave comments on a few interesting threads as well. Offer to do some cheap paid posts. Doing cheap posts are helpful not for the monetary gain, but rather to get you to keep posting.

Write a solid post to end your posting for the day. You want to make an impression on your visitors. You don’t want them to read one of you lame ass filler posts do you? Or worse, a paid post that you did for a $1. Write a honest and informative post. Be sure to add an eye catching picture and intriguing title for that post.

End you blogging day by trading a link or two with other newbie bloggers. Keep using different anchoring texts. Don’t request links with the same search term. You might get penalized by google.

8 thoughts on “What make money online noobs do

  1. Matt

    That is fantastic advice noob. I’m already doing the entrecard thing and over at digital point, but I haven’t done much with mybloglog or creating threads at BC, but I’m already getting 150 hits a day so bring on next month!!!

  2. Sue

    I don’t know if you have that much great or even unique information, I do know that the creepy, weirdly colored baby at the top is horrible and I would definitely get rid of that and your traffic would probably increase tenfold. I know I won’t be back until its gone.

  3. rampantheart

    I don’t think adding people to your list alone would suffice. In my humble opinion, interaction with people is what is important.I am sorry to point out but this is not fair. People at all the sites are real and they EXIST!You can’t add a person just like that for a selfish purpose!

    hmm, anyway i like the post!I will come back here for more!

    PS I second ‘Sue’ but i have fed your blog to my aggregator.Well, this peculiar baby on your blog has always intrigued me and i daresay, annoyed me!May we know why you have chosen that particular pic?

  4. bloggernoob

    paul- thanks man

    matt- thanks, it gets a bit tedious, but it should work out in the beginning. gotta put some sweat into it.

    sue- thanks sue. i appreciate your comment. You do realize that if you didn’t like my blog, you could have clicked away and not left a comment. That’s what a normal person would do. But i appreciate your 2 cents. I hope you have a long and prosperous blogging career. You diss me but i wish you well. I don’t want to feed negativity with more negativity. cheers sue!

    rampant heart- adding doesn’t do much, but it’s something easy to do. and i’d say that for every 10 bloggers you add, one will visit. not a bad ratio for a noob. The baby pic is creepy for one reason….I think make money bloggers are creepy beings. So i figured i’d put something disgusting up on my headers. :)

  5. SolReka

    Great post bloggernoob

    I am in a writing posts lull at the mo, I guess this is the hardest thing to blogging – writing regular (2-3 daily) posts. I use entrecard, if only to build up ECs – currently on 550ec, in readiness for when I want to begin marketing campaigns in earnest for the launch of my solar cooker.

    I thoroughly recommend blogcatalog – great portal for networking and general advice on most things.

    However digitalpoint – that’s a new one. Is this affiliation any good??? ie revenue, traffic generated versus effort


  6. the noob Post author

    solreka- thanks. digitalpoint is a webmaster forum. if you don’t know it, i suggest you sign up quick. it’ll take time to move up in ranks there. it’s a great place to find info and answers.

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