what other BloggerNoobs are making

noobcash.jpgMoneyMoney. Out of curiosity i emailed a few bloggers to see how they were doing with their blogs. Seems like they are all doing better then me. I asked them how much they are making with their blogs, when they started the blog, and the traffic they receive.

“As far as earnings so far, there really isn’t too much. I just started out on October 15th, so its only been about a month. I have made about $20 so far with Google Adsense and direct advertising. As far as unique visitors I have had about 858 visits with about 540 being unique”

Good job guys. Next month i hope you guys have doubled all the digits across the board.
“My site is very new… I launched it on October 2nd 2007. The revenue at the moment from adsense is around the $30 mark per month. I get some 200 to 250 visitors (and climbing ) per day. I expect the revenue and visitor count to increase once the site gets a PR… ( I checked some PR prediction tools … if they are accurate the blog is to get a PR 4 )”

“currently we get about 700 per day we are waiting for alex to update the blog was started 2 months ago the blog is currently is not producing much But I do make Money online through different venues”

Good job guys. I hope that next month the numbers will have doubled across the board.

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  1. @Stephen

    I like how how are keeping track of how blogs are growing. My own subscriber count is up to 380+/- (after 8 months), and the Feedburner income is pretty good. What is beating Feedburner and Adsense, though, is the sale of my own downloadable GTD calendar. I even have an affiliate program for it on e-junkie. Check it out, or send me an e-mail for more info.

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