What to write when you draw a blank

writersblock.jpgAll blogger will face days when nothing seems to click. You login to your wordpress admin area and you just draw a blank. You even try to read a few business articles and still nothing. You don’t want to force a bad post, but you know you should update your blog. Your readers are expecting it and you want to keep building up more content for you blog. What should you do? What should you write about during these dry spells. The noob has complied a list and will gladly share with you.

1. Write a list. That’s what im doing right now. Obviously i couldn’t think of anything to write today.*wink wink*

2. Write a rant. Dog on a blog or blogger you hate. Blog about some stupid marketing idea or product. Trash on an ad program. Rants are fun to read if it’s written right. They’ll also get a lot of comments.

3. Post some pictures. You know the saying…picture is worth a thousand words. Usually you want to have a lot of words on your blog, but the few times you can’t think of anything to write, go with pictures. Put a few sexy, or cool pics up and write a sentence or two.

4. Write about yourself. Write about your relationship. Write something that your readers can relate to. Something that happened to you. If you went on a business trip, write about that. If you bought something new, write about it. Your favorite food, your favorite color, your favorite movie.

5. Write a reaction to a popular blog post. I personally don’t like secondary info, but if it’s your off day, why not.

6. Write about sex. Everybody loves sex! The noob is a sex machine.

7. Write about your dreams. The kind you have when you’re eyes are closed and the kind you have when you eyes are open.

There are more but i’ll save them for another time. I might draw a blank again in the near future.

6 thoughts on “What to write when you draw a blank

  1. the noob Post author

    tim- yeah. blogging shouldn’t be a stressful thing. it should be updated often tho. the uninspired days, just write up a list or rant. works for me

    dimitrio- very weird. i guess the universal brain wave thing is true.

    chica- i shall chica. i shall. what chica wants chica gets.

  2. witchypoo

    I always have an idea notebook handy, and cross them off when I’ve posted them.
    This posting every day thing, and keeping it original, even original photos, that’s tough!
    I got so many comments about my son that he started his own blog, and now mentions things that happened as blogging fodder. He got bitten quickly with the blogging bug.

  3. the noob Post author

    witchypoo- your son blogs? how cool. u got him to blog. i got my fiance to blog and a few of my friends and my little bro blogs. they are all addicted. it’s super fun. and they are all amzing that i make a few bucks on the site. it’s kinda like being paid to play video games. how old is your son?

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