What up bloggernoob?

Just wanted to give you an update on this little make money online blog. I recently came back from a trip to South Korea and was inspired by the trip. I have a lot of money making ideas. Some are offline based and others work well as web sites. Anyway, hopefully i can make some time to share with you guys my ideas. A reader and friend of bloggernoob wrote me an email asking me what was going on with this blog. I decided to share with you guys the email and reply.

“Hey noob, it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you. I think from the time we last talked I’ve come a far way in my knowledge of making money with blogs, and yet I’m confused. Why is bloggernoob not updated daily anymore? Did it just become unprofitable as compared to another site or venture of yours or does it continue to hold it’s previous value despite your not updating it anymore?

The reason I ask is that I have my blogs updated daily and it gets a bit tedious, but I don’t want to drop in the rankings of my biggest and most competitive keywords.

As a simple question, what would bloggernoob be valued at if you were to sell it now? Just curious how much a blog like that is worth after time.”


sup jared,

how have you been? always nice hearing from you and glad to share with you things about the mmo business. the reason why i haven’t updated bloggernoob is because i’ve been too busy with offline work/life. also, i’ve had some some issues regarding some real estate holdings. not to mention my other web sites. bloggernoob.com still makes money. not as much as it did when i was working on it on a daily basis. but it is still a nice online asset. not sure if it would sell for that much right now tho. cause the income isn’t as consistent as before. income is a lot lower then before as well.

blogging is really time consuming. after i got bloggernoob.com to start making money online, i started affiliate commission sites and other non blog related web sites. they make the bulk of my online income now. i recommend that you branch out into other type of web sites. try working with other cms. drupal is a good one. so is joomla. the federal government is now switching to these open source cms.

also constantly be learning something new. im working on an iphone application now. i really believe that mobile computing and mobile browsing is the future. its good to stay ahead of the curve for new ideas.

and find new opportunities. there is a new patent, or new technology that comes out every day. jump on board and set up a site dedicated to that. i am thinking that the ebook and tablet market is gonna be huge. still early for these types of web sites. amazon kindle and barnes and noble nook, and the apple tablet rumors are huge right now.

building and writing content all by yourself is hard. that is why blogging isn’t that great for money. the time spent usually doesn’t justify the financial return. not unless ur a mega blog like perez hilton or techcrunch or gizmodo. i think niche community sites are awesome. or sites that auto update. don’t worry too much about google and keywords when you branch out into new web sites. or niche deal sites.

and if you are going to study something. i highly recommend php and mysql.

ur email reminds me. i need to update bloggernoob. i think i will use thie email and reply as my next blog post.


27 thoughts on “What up bloggernoob?

  1. Trent Brownrigg

    Thanks for the update! It’s always good to see a new post on here. I check my feed reader daily but nothing from here in a while. Glad to hear you are still making money.

  2. Agrande

    Hey Noob,
    Thanks for the update. I learned a lot from you over time and I really appreciate it. Hope to hear more about you ventures in this crazy MMO game.

  3. Jason

    Great blog, you sound like a very good online entrepreneur. I learned a few good tips, I hope your new online ventures are as successful as your blogs!

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