What’s going on with Alexa

some make money online bloggers rank cameron diaz a 10Bloggernoob dot com used to have an awesome Alexa rank. I was hoovering around 50k. But now, my alexa can barely maintain under 150k. I check out other blogs in my niche and i noticed that their Alexa Rank fell too. What’s going on with Alexa? I know that they recently changed the way they calculate the rank. Are they targeting “make money online” blogs? Do you guys knows what the deal is?

Internet ranking systems are not accurate but necessary for blog monetization. This blog has more traffic and links then ever, but is suffering in the Alexa rank. Why is that? Google PR can magically appear and disappear with every update. Technorati misses a lot of links to you site and compete and quantcast are just ridiculous.

Can any body come up with an accurate ranking system? It’ll probably never happen because the internet is filled with people trying to game the system. There are way too many spam sites and hackers. The best way to measures a site is by looking at a composite of all the different ranking and link measuring charts.

12 thoughts on “What’s going on with Alexa

  1. Earnblogger

    I don’t know the reason. But, it is dropping in one of my blogs. That blog is not make money type and receives 20k-24k uniques per month. Now it is not even in 200K rank. Google took away my PR and now alexa. This is really bad.

  2. bloggernoob

    earnblogger- sucks. what type of blog is it? i thought they were attacking mmo blogs, cause make money online blog are trash, but i guess that’s not it either. 😉

    desmond- hmm..interesting. wonder what’s going on. wish these ranking systems would be more transparent, but if they did that, it would be easier to game.

  3. the noob Post author

    larry brauner- how are they making the judgements tho. by links mostly right? i have more links then ever. What other means are there to assess a website? My alexa just shot up yesterday to 22k. I wonder what’s going on.

  4. Nairobian Perspective

    im tired of machines evaluating how relevant my page is?futhermore how can a company in the USA best know what content is relevant for someone down here in Africa or Asia or Europe, through backlinks or what?its all a fallacy!

  5. James

    They are devaluing their own toolbar data, and therefore MMO and Webmaster blogs/sites are hit hardest, because they are frequented by people that have the toolbar.

  6. Jared Stenzel

    My gaming blog didn’t take a hit at the last update. I remember reading something big about it at the start of the alexa update. It’s been a while. It probably has something to do with how you get your traffic. Isn’t Alexa ranking determined by people with the alexa bar installed viewing your site?

  7. the noob Post author

    nairobian perspective- good point. these ranking systems are faulty, but they mean something because people who buy links, look at them. it’s sucks, but that’s how the game is played.

    james- that explains some, but i don’t think it’s just that. i think it has to do with links, but not sure how they are calculating it.

    jared- it’s not just about the toolbar, or explorer. wish there was more info on this.

    bloggingforprofit- good job. do you know why it went up. or have any idea as to why? trying to put things together here. I thought i understood alexa, but i guess the new update is confusing a lot of people.

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