What’s your blogs income?

foodblog.jpgResearch. I wanted to know what the average noob blogger makes with their blog.

13 thoughts on “What’s your blogs income?

  1. Francesc

    I’m Francesc from DP, I’m a free-of-money blogger so I haven’t added adsense o similar sutff. But now i’m selling links with TLA. Currently $3.20. But if a add Adsense I will earn like $15

  2. MiCCAS

    Hi There, MiCCAS from DDBoard Here!

    Personally I use ads on the right hand side (which have earned me $35 so far). But, the best thing I feel for blogging is PayPerPost. So far, I’ve made nearly $100 in about 2 weeks that I’ve been with them, and waiting for another $30 to be approved. This seriously is a good idea, as long as you’re willing to be honest and put effort into your blog. FYI my blog is http://blog.miccas.net

  3. The University Kid

    $0.00 with my blog, as it’s not monetized yet. But due to my blog, I get clients… which nets me a couple grand a month.

    I’ll be doing a total revamp, as well as major contest worth around $1500 in the next couple of days… so that should rise in time :)

  4. Tibi Puiu

    Hey, I’m Sharkyx from digitalpoint. I earn about 200-300$ a month from blogging, but I have a few blogs. My biggest earner makes around 150$/mo. Hope i win, thanks 😀

  5. bloggernoob

    i picked a winner at random. the winner is webmasterplace. thanks to all who participated. keep blogging and making some cash on the side.

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