What’s your gimmick?

gimmick.jpgIn the modern world, everything is a gimmick. The top 40 music stations are filled with boy bands with a certain gimmick. Brands play with certain gimmicks when pushing a new ad campaign. Blogger blog a certain way because that’s the gimmick. Bloggernoob dot com is a blog about a noob trying to make money online. That’s my gimmick. So i brand my blog with a baby. A Newb. The Noob.

Gimmick has a negative connotation but it really shouldn’t. I think gimmicks make your blog catchy and memorable. We are not creating art so don’t worry about artistic integrety or stuff like that. We are bloggers. Blogger write shit. We rant. We ramble. We express our opinion and if you’re a good blogger, you have people who read your rants and ramblings. My blog is a make money blog. My whole premise is about a noobie blogger but i’ve established myself as a blogger who actually makes money. So i’m starting to build up a little following. People remember my blog because of my gimmick(the baby). They see my baby image and instantly recognize the blog. They remember my domain name(bloggernoob.com). I sometimes misspell words and my sentences aren’t structured well but they forgive me cause that’s my gimmick. I don’t even check my grammer most of the time. It’s ok.

When you’re starting a blog, i think you should think about your blog’s gimmick. Think about how you’re going to market your blog. If you start a make money blog, you better have some sort of gimmick or your blog won’t stand out. Instead of being makemoneyblogger2008. Be gaymakemoneyblogger. Or Nakedmakemoneyblogger. Bisexualmakemoneyblogger?

Don’t be shy about finding your gimmick. Don’t be scared of it. Trust me, it won’t turn off your readers. If you write good content, people will eventually find your blog. Just game the system by speeding up the process by using these tricks. So what’s your gimmick?

12 thoughts on “What’s your gimmick?

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    I’ve lately started to think that I need better slogan for my site…
    My original slogan ‘Photographs from Finland and around the world’ is accurate, but at the sametime it is damn boring. It gives you feeling that all photographs have already been taken and I am just taking my time on when I want to share them to my readers.
    My best idea so far for bringing life into it has been ‘Taking photographs from Finland and around the world’
    While the scope (Finland and around the world …) is still same, it clearly indicates that I am still trying to create new material for site.

  2. the noob Post author

    juha- maybe something a bit shorter. i love your photos. i was wondering if you sell your photos? and your profession? cause you seem to be well traveled. i want some of what you’re doing. :) travel and see the world.

  3. killian

    Hey there! :)
    I kinda have my gimmick, but I don’t use for marketing.
    anyway, I wanted to ask u something, google updated their PR today, I’m at zero again, and so are u I see, do u think you’ll get your pr back?
    johncow just went to pr 0, thought you’d like to know that lol

  4. Pete Moore

    Hey Alex,

    I don’t remember you asking if you could use a picture of my body with arnie’s head on 😉 (damn he needed a haircut there).

    Noob I think you just need an angle, something that separates you from everyone else in the market. People like straight talkers in IM because there are so many bullshiters in our community.

    Pete Moore

  5. the noob Post author

    killian- google PR and the noob don’t get along. I’m like seven up. never have and never will. :) John who? 😉

    pete- are u sure pete, i though he photoshopped my body pic. yup and angle. when u think about it. an angle is a gimmick. i hate bullshitters too. that’s why i like your blog :) you try to keep it honest

  6. Jackie

    I think mine is just JackiesBizBlog and I have the header that connects to it already (me=Jackie In Biz suit=BizBlog – you get it? LOL. (that is why I don’t dare change it anytime soon).

  7. the noob Post author

    bent- i like the slogan, but not sure if it matches your blog. the theme for one is too tame. doesn’t seem junglesque. and why the jungle? your blog is a make money blog.

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