When in doubt make a list

list.jpgSome days it’s hard to form the words to punch into your keyboard. The words just won’t come out and your fingers get stuck. You spend tens of minutes starring at the blank wordpress write screen. This is just a horrible way to waste your time. If you can’t think of anything to write, don’t. Go for a walk, or if you’re a smoker, go for a smoke. Or if you’re an idiot, go get yourself some overpriced sugar/caramel water disguised as coffee. (Coughhh…Starbuckkks)

I like to keep at least a few post drafts available for days like these. If you used up all of your drafts cause you had too many off days, then write a list.

My mantra, my motto, my maxim.
“when in doubt, make a list”
Everybody loves lists. Top ten list, New Year list, Best Film list, shopping list, best blog list, top 100 make money online blogs list….you get the idea.

Lists are great because of 3 reasons.
One, it is really easy to write.
Two, it gives the illusion of being a real article but it really isn’t. Isn’t it lovely. It’s so Copperfieldian.
Three, people like lists for some reason. If you doubt me, watch a few minutes of E! entertainment tv. Lists get a lot of diggs too.

So the moral of the story…when in doubt make a list.

6 thoughts on “When in doubt make a list

  1. Nick

    @ web developers – totally agree, that’s why I have a massive pad that I keep on my desk and refer to each day, or load a list onto my computer for easy access – I’ve lost too many lists in the past.

  2. Justin

    I do see a lot of lists on blogs and I don’t know why they are always drawing attention. A comment that’s unrelated, I visited this site yesterday and read some stuff and came back today and basically was overwhelmed at how many more posts you did. It’s almost to much to expect a reader to read. Maybe you should slow down a bit :)

  3. the noob Post author

    tremium-you’re welcome

    web developers-:)

    nick-i’ve lost many a lists too. now i digitize my lists.

    justin-yeah i know. some of my posts get neglected. and i don’t want to overwhelm them. i will start slowing down later. right now im really focused on building a lot of content. it’s so fun and addicting.

    sparky-any list will work. i actually want to read your grocery list. when u post your grocery list, let me know…i wanna see.

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